DOE Rebaseline Proposal Review

I. Agenda and Charge

II. Presentations

Introduction to Baseline Change Proposal Ev Valle
Introduction to Project Steve Ritz
LAT Project Status Lowell Klaisner
DAQ Flight Boxes Gunther Haller
System Engineering/Project Controls Lowell Klaisner
Management and Risk Analysis Lowell Klaisner
Baseline Changes Proposal Summary Ev Valle
Tracker Project Persis Drell
Lessons Learned & EVMS Assessment Lowell Klaisner

III. Additional Documentation

    1. Baseline Change Proposal

    2. Remaining DOE Deliverables

    3. Risk Analysis of Deliverables

    4. Updated Overall LAT Cost & Schedule

            a. Baseline History

            b. LAT Schedule Flow Chart

    5. Cost Variance Analysis for Proposal

    6. Contingency Analysis

    7. Assessment of EVMS and Tracking for Proposal

    8. CCB Log from Last Rebaseline to Current Baseline

    9. Detailed DAQ Production Planning

        a.    GASU Manufacturing

        b.    GASU Internal Cable Assemblys

        c.    PDU Manufacturing

        d.    PDU Internal Cable Assemblys   

        e.    LAT Harness PERT