March 31 - April 1, 2004

Redwood Rooms - ROB Bldg. 048

Phone Information: 510-665-5437   Meeting ID: 6185

Agenda and Committee

Closeout Report - 4/1/04


March 31, 2004

Project Status Overview (ppt)   (pdf) Lowell Klaisner
System Engineering Status (ppt)   (pdf) Pat Hascall
Education/Public Outreach  (ppt)   (pdf) Lynn Cominsky
Data Acquisition/Flight Software  (ppt)   (pdf) Gunther Haller
Tracker  (ppt)   (pdf) Robert Johnson
Mechanical/Thermal Hardware  (ppt)   (pdf) Marc Campell
Calorimeter  (ppt)   (pdf) Neil Johnson
Anti-Coincidence Detector  (ppt)   (pdf) Dave Thompson

April 1, 2004

Performance and Safety Assurance (ppt)   (pdf) Darren Marsh
Integration and Test (ppt)   (pdf) Elliott Bloom
Instrument Science Operations Center (ppt)   (pdf) Dave Lung
Science Analysis Software (ppt)   (pdf) Richard Dubois
Summary (ppt) Lowell Klaisner


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