EM Operations Meeting  

Daily Status Report Folder (check here for the twice daily update from Larry Wai)

I&T EM Photos

2003-10-10 Shift Schedule

2003-10-06 8AM Meeting: VDG Test Series

2003-10-03 Presentations at 4PM meeting:  VDG Plan (Eduardo)

2003-10-02 Presentations at 4PM meeting:  Schedule and Shifts, High energy muon analysis (Wai and Chekhtman)  High energy analysis (Xin and Eduardo)

2003-10-01 Presentations at 4PM meeting:  Schedule and Shifts, TKR Efficiency vs TACK delay, GCFE Shaper Peaking Times, CAL Occupancy, EM Timing Meas Summary_2Tack_TkR_2

2003-09-30 FSWEM.pdf

2003-09-30 Engineering Meeting, EM Operations: Overview and Plan, TKR Mini-Tower, EM CAL, Calibration and Data Taking

2003-09-29 8AM Meeting, EM Data Collection Configuration and Shifts

2003-09-23 EM Timing Measurements Summary, Tack_Cal, Tack_Tkr

2003-09-22 Presentations at 4PM meeting: Status and Shifts (Wai), Off line data analysis (Chen), Benchmark graphs CAL (Panetta), Benchmark graphs (Tajima), Tack_CAl (Godfrey),


2003-09-19 Photos from CAL integration into single bay

2003-09-19 08:00 Meeting

2003-09-18 16:00 Meeting

2003-09-18 08:00 Meeting

2003-09-17 16:00 Meeting

2003-09-17 08:00 Meeting

2003-09-16 16:00 Meeting

2003-09-16 CAL.ppt

2003-09-10 Analyses of EM data.ppt

2003-09-10 Electronic Log

2003-09-09 TKR Tests Summary and Status

2003-09-09 TKR proposed Tests

2003-09-09 EM Operations Presentation at Engineering Meeting

2003-09-05 IFC Tour presentation

2003-09-03 Pictures from EM TKR/CAL Integration

2003-09-03 All Hands presentation September 3

2003-09-02 Summary from Luca  September 2

2003-08-29 Cable length problem, August 29

2003-08-29 EGSE status, August 29

2003-08-28 Pictures from Thursday, August 28 (I&T pictures, EM MGSE Pictures Aug 28, 03)

2003-08-27 Pictures from Wednesday, August 27 (I&T pictures, SLAC Photographer)

2003-08-27  Recommendations for an abbreviated EM checkout after single bay integration

2003-08-27 EM single bay integration document

2003-08-27 Traveler database

2003-08-27 Plan for Aug 27 to Aug 29, 2003

2003-08-12 Pictures from EM Calorimeter at SLAC