Environmental Test Planning

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Page last revised on:  4 May 2006

Meetings and Reviews

Management Info and Docs

Complete List of Meetings

Personnel and Contact Info

EMI/EMC TRR 6-9-06


Acoustic TRR 6-28-06

LAT-MD-02717: LAT Env Test Sequence

LAT TVAC TRR 7-12-06

LAT test sequence (ppt chart from released LAT-MD-02717-01)

LAT Weight & cg TRR 9-11-06

LAT-SS-06640: MGSE/STE Req's




Pathfinder Operations Planning

   Environmental Test Checklist

LAT-PS-06898:  LAT Env Test Implementation Plan



Data Systems

Current Schedule

Test Schedule


NRL Staffing Plan





Dynamics Tests

High Bay Operations

Test Director:  John Ku

Test Director:  Paul Dizon

LAT-MD-01196:  Dynamics Test Plan


LAT-DS-06187:  Horiz Vibe Config Assy drawing

LAT-DS-06186:  Handling Config Assy drawing

LAT-DS-06190:  Vert Vibe Config Assy drawing

LAT-DS-06184:  Transport Config Assy drawing

LAT-DS-06188:  Acoustic Config Assy drawing




LAT-DS-05902:  Vibe Facility drawing

LAT-DS-05899:  High Bay Tent drawing

LAT-DS-05903:  Sine Vibe Slip Table drawing

LAT-DS-0XXXX:  A-59 High Bay Facility drawing

LAT-DS-05904:  Sine Vibe Expander Head drawing


LAT-DS-05905:  Sine Vibe Table drawing


LAT-DS-05906:  Acoustic Facility layout


Thermal-Vacuum Test


Test Director:  Jesse Armiger

Test Director:  Michael Lovellette

LAT-MD-01600: T-Vac Test Plan

LAT-MD-002726:  EMI Test Plan

LAT-DS-06185: T-Vac Test Config Assy drawing

LAT-DS-06189:  EMI/EMC Test Config Assy drawing



LAT-DS-05907:  T-Vac Facility layout

LAT-DS-05908:  EMI Facility drawing




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