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LAT I&T Documents

Current I&T Document Status Chart (pdf) - updated 5/26/05

Below is a list of I&T documents sorted by department with links to LATDocs:

Depart. Document # Document Title
Manage. LAT-MD-01376 LAT Integration & Test Plan
Manage. LAT-TD-04542 ACD Subsystem to LAT I&T Deliverables MOU
Manage. LAT-TD-04543 CAL Subsystem to LAT I&T Deliverables MOU
Manage. LAT-TD-04544 Mechanical and TCS Subsystem to LAT I&T Deliverables MOU
Manage. LAT-TD-04546 ELX/T&DF Subsystem to LAT I&T Deliverables MOU
Manage. LAT-TD-04547 TKR Subsystem to LAT I&T Deliverables MOU
Manage. LAT-TD-06637 LATTE Schema Naming Conventions
Online LAT-MD-04601 LAT I&T E-Logbook Implementation 
Online LAT-PS-05664 LAT I&T E-Logbook Test Proc. 
Online LAT-PS-05762 LATTE R4.7.1 Test Procedure
Online LAT-PS-05833 LATTE R4.7.3 Test Procedure
Online LAT-PS-06137 LATTE R4.7.4 Test Procedure
Online LAT-PS-06161 LATTE R4.7.5 Test Procedure
Online LAT-PS-06121 LATTE Base Test Procedure
Online LAT-PS-06122 LATTE R4.8.0 Test Procedure
Online LAT-PS-06309 LATTE R4.8.1 Test Procedure
Online LAT-PS-06348 LATTE R4.8.2 Test Procedure
Online LAT-PS-06370 LATTE R4.8.3 Test Procedure
MGSE LAT-PS-04227 Integration Stand Operations Manual
MGSE LAT-PS-05137 Calorimeter Lift Fixture Proof Tests
MGSE LAT-PS-05236 Tracker Lift Fixture Proof Tests
MGSE LAT-PS-05748 GPR, GPR to Grid Bracket, Support Shaft, and Base Struc.  Proof Tes -Yaxis
IFCT-Elec LAT-MD-01533 EGSE  Plan
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-03276 LAT EGSE Setup and Validation Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-03287 Cal Module Test Procedure 
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-03290 Tracker Module Test  Procedure 
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-03875 TEM EICIT Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-04097 TEM SVT Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-04098 TPS SVT Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-04099 TPS EICIT Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-04260 GASU EICIT Procedure (Manual)
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-04325 Acceptance Test Procedure, Break out Boxes and Cables 
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-04332 PDU EICIT Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-04382 Flight GASU SVT Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-TD-04384 Flight PDU SVT Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-04511 Data Collection Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-04512 Single Tower Test Procedure 
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-05504 Computing Infrastructure
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-05527 I&T Test Stand Setup Procedure
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-05736 LATTE and Components Installation
IFCT-Elec LAT-PS-06610 GASU EICIT Procedure (Auto)
IFCT-Mech LAT-MD-01386 LAT Facilities Plan
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03027 Calorimeter Integration Procedures
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03058 Tracker Integration Procedures 
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03060 Room 104, Ingress and Egress of Large Equipment Procedure
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03062 Tem/TemPS Shimming  Procedure 
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03259 Shear Plate Shim Procedure
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03263 Fastener Installation and Torquing Procedure 
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03281 LAT Test Floor Configuration Procedure 
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03291 Flight Hardware Bag and Purge Procedure 
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-03481 GLAST LAT Integration Facility Emergency Plan
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-04244 Load Mass simulators into GRID MGSE 
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-04436 AeroGo Air Bearing Reference Guide
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-04459 Connector Mate and Demate
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-04727 Tie Mount Bonding Procedure
IFCT-Mech LAT-PS-05487 Mobile Hydraulic Unit (MHU) Operations Procedure
Particle LAT-TD-01396 Calibration of the Van de Graaff Photon Flux 
Particle LAT-TD-01805 Van de Graaff Accelerator Safety/Operations Handbook 
Particle LAT-PS-04133 Procedure to Take Simultaneous BGO and LAT Data 
Particle LAT-TD-04134 Procedure for Setting the LAT Timing Registers 
Particle LAT-TD-04135 Procedure for Measuring the LAT Trigger  Jitter using the Muon Telescope 
Particle LAT-TD-04136 Van de Graaff and Cosmic Data Runs for  LAT Integration
Particle LAT-TD-04419 Muon Telescope
Particle LAT-TD-04980 Use of an Am241 Source for High Rate Triggering
Particle LAT-TD-06066 Procedure for Use of an Am241 Source on a GLAST Tower
Particle LAT-TD-06333 Muon Telescope for LAT
Particle LAT-TD-06630 GPS Antenna Installation
Particle LAT-TD-06614 Procedure to take Simultaneous Muon Telescope and LAT Data 
SVAC LAT-MD-00575 SVAC Plan for LAT Integration at SLAC

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