Integration and Test

Particle Test Department

Gary Godfrey (Manager)

Airplane Test

    LAT-TD-00550-02    LAT Test Plan for Airplane - Draft

    Acceleration of the LAT within the Transport Box


Beam Test

    LAT-TD-00440-04    Beam Test Plan - Draft

    Bremsstrahlung Pollution from a Second Photon

    Tagger Resolution Calculation


BGO Calorimeter

    BGO Calorimeter Pictures

    Cs137 and p+Li7 Van de Graaff Spectra from BGO


Van de Graff

    p+Li7 Spectrum from Crystal Ball

    Van de Graaff Pictures

    Van de Graaff Calculations (SF6, Target Heat Dissipation, p+Li Energetics)

     Van de Graaff Chews Up Its Belt

     Van de Graaff All Hands Talk  5-12-04

    Van de Graaff Update_5-20-04


    Van de Graff/VG MC Trigger Rate Summary

    Tune's Analysis:  Van de Graff/EMVdG135degRunFeb05.doc

LAT Integration Documents

    LAT-TD-00440-05      Beam Test Plan

    LAT-TD-01396-01      Calibration of the Van de Graaff Photon Flux

    LAT-TD-01805-02      Van de Graaff Accelerator Safety/Operations Handbook

    LAT-TD-04136-02      VG and CR Data Runs for LAT Integration

    LAT-PS-04133-01       Procedure to Take Simultaneous BGO and LAT Data

    LAT-TD-04134-01       How to Set  the LAT Timing Registers

    LAT-TD-04135-01       How to Measure  the LAT Trigger Jitter Using the Muon Telescope

    LAT-TD-04419-02       Muon Telescope

    LAT-TD-04838-01       Many Hit Wild Fire EM2 Events

    LAT-TD-04980-01       Use of an Am241 Source for High Rate Triggers

    LAT-TD-05160-01         Van de Graaff-EM Analysis


    LAT-MD-03489-01      Ad Hoc Committee on End-to-End Testing