June 22, 2004 (EM2 meeting)        

First offline look at EM2 cosmic muon  Xin     



April 30, 2004 (ISOC meeting)        

Table desgin for SVAC calibration constants  Xin     

Document for table design  Xin




April 30, 2004 (ISOC meeting)        

Profile testing of I&T SVAC calibration constants monitoring tool  Xin



April 30, 2004 (ISOC meeting)        

I&T SVAC calibration constants monitoring tool ( a prototype)  Xin



April 15, 2004 (CAL software  workshop)        

EM CAL calibration  Xin


February 4, 2004 (SAS Core  meeting)        

Status Report  Xin


January 15, 2004 (ANA meeting)        

low energy gamma reconstruction at EM,  Xin


 January 15, 2004 (SAS meeting)        

status of EM data analyses,  Xin


December 10, 2003 (CAL software meeting)        

Light taper study,  Xin


November 25, 2003        

Calibration packages,  Xin

Accessing EM calibration constants,Joanne

EngineeringModel packages Heather

TKR analyses Hiro


Action items:

 Berrie will remove fuzzy cluster codes, add Sasha's code modification and make a new tag of CalRecon

 After this, Heather is going to build a EngineeringModel version

 Leon is going to talk with Hiro about efficiency study of TKR and TOT calibration.


November 19, 2003  

EM software - Xin

VDG EM report - Gary

EM CAL tasks - Mark


November 12, 2003

EM Data Analysis Web Site - Eduardo

Data Analysis Infrastructure - Xin

Relevant Differences in GlastRelease (v3r3p2 and v3r3p7) - :Leon

First Results from Pisa - Carmelo, Luca, Nicola

Action Items for next meeting - Eduardo


Presentations prior to Nov 12 concerning  the EM data


November 7, 2003 (CAL)

EM CAL Calibrations and Energy Spectrum - Xin 

EM CAL Deadtime/trigger and plans for position resolution  - Sasha 

EM CAL Guassian vs RMS muon peak position  - Pol 


November 3, 2003 (ANA)

EM TKR TOT Studies - MC and VDG data - Xin and Eduardo  

EM Data Analysis Plans - Eduardo


October 21, 2003 (Engineering Meeting)

EM Data Analysis Plans - Eduardo