Instruction on how to map hit data from physical space to electronic space


The code to demonstrate mapping from physical space to electronic space is in the package svac/EngineeringModelRoot stored in SAS cvs. Below is instructions on how to check out and build the code.

  1. Assume you have a working directory $workDir such as /nfs/farm/g/glat/u06/eduardo/work/. Assume that the version for EngineeringModelRoot package is v1r3p11. Assume that the version for EngineeringModel is v4r060302p6
  2. cd $workDir, mkdir EngineeringModelRoot, mkdir EngineeringModelRoot/v1r3p11
  3. cd EngineeringModelRoot/v1r3p11
  4. cvs co -d . -r v1r3p8 svac/EngineeringModelRoot
  5. you should be able to see some check out directories like cmt, src, pl
  6. if you just want to know how to map, please take a look at src/GeoToElec.h and src/GeoToElec.cxx which contain mapping info.
  7. cd cmt
  8. cmt config
  9. edit GlastRelease.env, assuming $emRoot such as /nfs/farm/g/glast/u09/builds/rh_gcc32/EngineeringModel/EngineeringModel-v4r060302p6 is where your EM package is built, change CMTPATH to /nfs/farm/g/glat/u06/eduardo/work/:/nfs/farm/g/glast/u09/builds/rh_gcc32/EngineeringModel/EngineeringModel-v4r060302p6
  10. source GlastRelease.env
  11. There are many applications in the package such as codes to build the svac ntuple. If you just want to build the application demonstarting the mapping, Type make  HitOccupancy you should be able to build the executable successfully
  12. cd ../rh9_gcc32
  13. run HitOccupancy.exe $digiRootFile $outputFile where $digiRootFile is the full path of the digi root file to be processed and $outputFile is name of the output root file which would contain 3 histograms of hit occupancy in the electronic space.