Instruction on how to compile and run NtupleCompare package

  1. Assume you have a working directory $workDir such as /nfs/farm/g/glat/u06/eduardo/work/kstest. Assume that the version for NtupleCompare package is v0r1p2. Assume that the version for EngineeringModel is v3r0407p3
  2. cd $workDir, mkdir NtupleCompare, mkdir NtupleCompare/v0r1p2
  3. cd NtupleCompare/v0r1p2
  4. cvs co -d . -r v0r1p2 svac/NtupleCompare
  5. you should be able to see some check out directories like cmt, src, pl
  6. cd cmt
  7. cmt config
  8. edit GlastRelease.env, change CMTPATH to $workDir:/nfs/farm/g/glast/u09/builds/rh_gcc32/EngineeringModel/EngineeringModel-v3r0407p3
  9. source GlastRelease.env
  10. make   you should be able to build the executable successfully
  11. cd ../pl
  12. edit, replacing the following lines:  my $cmtPath = "/nfs/farm/g/glast/u06/chen/svac:/nfs/farm/g/glast/u09/builds/rh9_gcc32/EngineeringModel/EngineeringModel-v3r0407p3"; my $cmtDir = "/nfs/farm/g/glast/u06/chen/svac/NtupleCompare/v0r1p2/cmt"; my $exeDir = "/nfs/farm/g/glast/u06/chen/svac/NtupleCompare/v0r1p2/rh9_gcc32"; my $doxyFile = "/nfs/farm/g/glast/u06/chen/svac/NtupleCompare/v0r1p2/src/ReportD oxyfile"; my $latexHeader = "/nfs/farm/g/glast/u06/chen/svac/NtupleCompare/v0r1p2/src/late xHeader.tex"; with the following lines: my $cmtPath = "$workDir:/nfs/farm/g/glast/u09/builds/rh9_gcc32/EngineeringModel/EngineeringModel-v3r0407p3"; my $cmtDir = "$workDir/NtupleCompare/v0r1p2/cmt"; my $exeDir = "$workDir/NtupleCompare/v0r1p2/rh9_gcc32"; my $doxyFile = "$workDir/NtupleCompare/v0r1p2/src/ReportDoxyfile"; my $latexHeader = "$workDir/NtupleCompare/v0r1p2/src/latexHeader.tex";
  13. Take a look at ../src/ReportOption.dat, which uses as input option file.
  14. read the option file and make sure you understand it. Note that the output directory must exist
  15. cd ../pl
  17. You should be able to see many files, directories created in the output directory. If you prefer web, the html/index.html in the output directory is the html file to be open by web browser. If you prefer ps or pdf, you can look at the latex/refman.pdf file in the output dir.