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Plot Merit variables: drawMerit.C Plot Merit variables:  
Plot SVAC variables: drawSvac.C Making a new ntuple:  
Plot Merit and SVAC variables: drawMeritSvac.C James Chiang's Pythons scripts.  
Analyze SVAC arrays: ana.C with anaSvacNtuple.C    
Analyze SVAC arrays and Merit variables: anaMeritSvac.C with anaMeritSvacNtuple.C    
ChainTree version of anaMeritSvac.C and anaMeritSvacNtuple.C from Heather.    
David Smith's SVAC tools.    
Tyrel's Tile Max PHA and Max PHA.    



Look at TKR and CAL digi and recon data Extrapolate a track into the CAL  


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