Monthly Status Review - SLAC

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June 2, 2004

Action Items Status

Agenda Dick Horn
Project Status Overview Lowell Klaisner
Cost and Schedule Status Tanya Boysen
System Engineering Status and Action Items Rich Bielawski for Pat Hascall
Performance & Safety Assurance Darren Marsh
Design Integration and Analysis Martin Nordby
DAQ Hardware Gunther Haller
Mechanical/Thermal Hardware Marc Campell
Calorimeter (telecon) Neil Johnson
E/PO (telecon) Sarah Silva
ACD (telecon) Tom  Johnson/Dave Thompson
Tracker Robert Johnson
I & T Elliott Boom
FSW/ISIS/EGSE Resource Splinter G. Haller
FSW/ISIS/EGSE Resource Splinter Terry Schalk
ISIS Standard E. Hanson

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