GLAST LAT Subsystem Peer Reviews

March 17-28, 2003

This page contains information about the GLAST LAT  Subsystem Peer Reviews


List of Reviewers

RFA Form         Word/pdf

Peer Review Information

   -    Calorimeter (March 17-18)

    -    Electronics/DAQ/Power/Flight Software (March 19-20)

    -    Tracker (March 24-25)

    -    Mechanical (March 26-27)

            Mechanical Design Integration

            Mechanical Systems

    -    I&T (March 28)

Logistic Information

All Reviews will be held at SLAC in Bldg. 234 with the exception of the Calorimeter Review which will be held at NRL.  Teleconferencing will be available.

To connect to meeting via teleconference: 

Dial : 973-321-2000        Passcode:  7020550


Debbie Nicholson 650-926-8764 or Diana Viera (650) 926-2244 if you require assistance.

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