Subject: 14 August Tracker ART Minutes


A follow-up Tracker ART meeting was held 14 August.  The primary objective was to review the analysis models and status of analysis:


1. Tom Borden reviewed the tracker model heritage, model correlation and analysis plan - see attached file: HPS-102080-0001 (ESTower Analysis)


2. Minh Phan discussed some concern areas relative to our level of confidence correlating the models to test results, given the test senarios.  Minh has offered some suggestions for additional prototype testing to reduce this uncertainty - See attached Memo: Tracker LLSS__FEM#3 08-14-02


3. Tim Thurston has documented the analysis meeting at HYTEC in the attached trip

report - Hytec trip report.doc


4. Tim also expressed concern about the confidence and process used to establish various safety & design factors assumed in the design.  We need to ensure that various factors are correct for the specific tracker design.  Further discussion is required at the next meeting to ensure traceability and ART confidence in this area.


5. Ben Rodini pointed out that common practice is to utilize the "B" allowable industry criteria for this class of applications.


The Tracker Team expects to complete the analysis plan outlined by early next week. A follow-up meeting is tenatively planned for Tuesday 20 Aug or Wednesday 21 Aug...  depending upon availability of analysis results.


The following actions were taken at the meeting:


ART-9 - Minh Phan to summarize concerns with FEM correlation - Complete


ART-10 - Tom Borden define the configuration/assumptions used in selecting the S.C.F. of 2.1 -

      ECD: 20 August


ART-11 - Tom Borden compare the design allowables that would be established using the "B" allowables industry criteria vs the 80% of average minimum test values used.