GTRC-V6 Failure Review

and GTRC-V7 Design Review


Action Items from the Review

  Item Who Status
1 Resolve GTRC6 Mini-Tower test results (No TOT timeout with Van der Graaf). Estimate the rate of TOT overlap and compare with observed time-out rate. Hiro Tajima Hiro's note 11/27/03
2 Test GTRC7 VHDL code in FPGA with a long TREQ (GTFE pulse) and many TACK. The length of the TREQ should be longer than the longest pulse you expect from heavy ions in the space. Mutsumi Sugizaki Mutsumi's note 12/1/03
3 Improve handling of Test Vectors for GTRC6 & GTRC7:

Designer should propose test vectors used in testing.

Designer should verify the % of coverage in VHDL

Jeff Olsen (communicate to Mutsumi)  
4 Provide documentation of GTRC describe the different states of the state machine. Jeff Olsen  
5 Perform high rate triggering tests with single tray and radioactive source. Luca Latronico in progress
6 Continue system tests with multiple tray/multiple MCM using TEM, preferable with ELEX/DAQ group involvement.  This should include a high-rate test of the mini-tower if possible. Hiro Tajima

In progress, but a high-rate test of the mini-tower with actual particles probably will never happen.  

7 Continue to perform coordinated, but independent test with present mini-tower (at SLAC) and the new mini-tower (at INFN) Hiro Tajima

Luca Latronico

In progress with the mini-tower at SLAC.  See Hiro's presentation at the Jan 21 all-hands meeting.
8 Test results vs. specifications:  Provide a matrix comparing specifications described in LAT-SS-00152-02 and the test results. Robert Johnson  
9 Produce new schedule for GTRC / MCM production and testing, taking in account downtime of foundry. Robert Johnson

David Rich

See the Jan 28 Tracker presentation.  GTRC 7 wafers were received from MOSIS and a wafer tested by Jan 27.  The wafer will be diced by Feb 3 and tested on MCMs that week.  MCM production at Teledyne should start Feb 9.
10 Review requirements for normal / worst cases operations (temp, voltage, freq), together with ELEX group. Robert Johnson Based on tests of MCMs with the GTRC7 chip, we agreed upon a nominal voltage setting of 2.6V, at the TEM/PS, for AVDDB and DVDD.
11 Perform tests of interplay of Polyswitches and protection resistors. Robert Johnson Issue closed Jan 29, 04.  See Marcus Ziegler's report (pdf) and the associated note.
12 For future ASIC programs at SLAC improve robustness of ASIC development flow

- e.g., digital simulation instead of SPICE

- test vector generation should be done from simulations

Gunther Haller


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