December 14, 2004


Notes on TART status call at 12:00 EST

Dick Quinn


1)     Next call tomorrow 12/15/04 at 13:00 EST.

2)     We still need to get Henning on the phone with us to discuss his ideas and concerns with the rest of the team.

3)     We did not discuss the cables. We are awaiting grouping of the open items into 1) for bare cable and 2) final assembly with all components. Parlex trip is on for Friday this week. We expect to tour the plant and review the above actions.

4)     . Follow-up items from the MRB

a.      Jim Lohr reported that two rolls of tape from Teledyne were confirmed to be made with acrylic adhesive. Tavi Alvarez found some leftover tape from the SWIFT project but it is past its expiration date. The rest of the rolls at Teledyne need to be confirmed.

b.     Dave Rich reported that there was agreement on the cleaning agents to be used to remove potential silicones and the exact procedure was TBD by Teledyne.

5)     The idea of augmenting the electrical screening with a SAM scan is still awaiting the test of an MCM with a channel map.

a.      Robert sent one last week but it has not been found. He was going to ask Jeff Tice to check for shipping information.   (It shipped either Monday or Tuesday.)

b.     We are going to send Jim Lohr’s MCM, dated 5/18, back to Robert for electrical screening. This is SN600.

6)     Diane Kolos has MCM SN775. This is the unit she pulled the epoxy off as a lump. She is now looking for contaminates on the surfaces.

a.      FTIR results were not available at the time of the meeting, .Jim Lohr will follow-up with Diane.

b.     The next step is to use an SEM.

c.      Initial ESCA images were distributed via email by Jim Lohr.

d.     If the ESCA doesn’t work we plan to send it out for an AUGER test.

7)     John Ku discussed his analysis to date.

a.      He ran the plane-strain analysis to see what the failure modes look like under thermal loading with some revision to the material properties. He will distribute results by COB today.

b.     He reported that he was unable to obtain CME data for the materials in question to explore differential expansions.  We later discussed modeling the effects of trapped moisture (vapor pressure).  John will look into that analysis

c.      We discussed the bow in the MCMs and the forces to flatten them in and out of fixtures.  John said he can and will compare this to the other stresses he is modeling. Robert stated that this force can be measured.

8)     We need an update from Teledyne on the status of the cover efforts.

9)     Review Near Term Actions from 12/2/04 Teledyne Meeting:

a.      Close #1 Process/Operator Changes

b.     #2 modeling efforts in process

c.      #3 Phil Goodwin to follow up with Hysol

d.     #4 Cross-section of failure free area analyzed. This action expanded to include Si and Ultra-sound analysis.

e.      Close #5 – Kapton surface preps per last week’s MRB

f.       #6 Cover as described above.