November 24, 2004


Tracker Production Review Team



Currently the late production of the GLAST LAT tracker towers is on the GLAST and GSFC code 400 top 10 list. A Tracker Production Review Team (TPRT) has been formed that will draw from GSFC and outside personnel and work closely with the existing tracker team members to review critical technical issues in the tracker subsystem that are threatening schedule and make recommendations to GLAST and LAT project management of any actions required to minimize production delays in the production of flight-worthy LAT trackers.


The team should examine the following areas:

  • Review the technical issues in the MCM production
    • Pitch Adaptor trace cracking
    • Wirebond failures
    • Pitch Adaptor debonding
    • Overall workmanship issues
    • Production rate issues
  •  Review the technical issues in the Flex cable fabrication
    • Plating separation
    • Annular ring misregistration
    • Overall workmanship issues
  • For both of these technical areas, review how the technical issues are being addressed
  • For both of these areas, review the risk-mitigation plans for the schedule risks
  • Make specific recommendations to GLAST and LAT project to improve processes and yields


The team may modify this charter with the concurrence of GLAST and LAT management.

Team Members

Dick Quinn – Lead

Paul Baird – Mechanical

Ken Wager – Electrical

Ben Rodini – Materials

Jim Lohr – Q/A

Robert Johnson – Advisor

Tom Venator – Advisor


Proposed Agenda

Proposed kickoff 12/1:

9:45 to 10:00       Overview and Introductions (Persis Drell)
            10:00 to11:00  Tracker design overview. (Robert Johnson)

11:00 to 1:00   MCM design and issues, plan to address technical issues, risk mitigation plans.(Robert Johnson, Charlie Young)

1:00 to 2:30     Working lunch and visit to clean room (Robert Johnson, QA support)

2:30 to 4:30     Cable design and issues, plan to address technical issues (Dave Nelson)

Risk mitigation plans.(Hartmut Sadrozynski)

            4:30 to 5:30     Production status and open issues in Italy (Robert Johnson)

            5:30 to 7:00     Wrap up and debrief


            7:00 PM                      No host dinner (California Café)


  • Familiarize team with tracker design.
  • Review MCM production issues and MRB open actions to ensure adequate design and support engineering and readiness for remaining production. Review and recommend any changes to the rework plans for the existing MCM assemblies, including those already mounted to trays.
  • Review Cable design and issues. Are cables that pass current screening good cables? Is the Parlex process going to give us good cables?
  • Define additional areas of concentration.


Meeting at Teledyne 12/2:

  • View hardware.
  • Teledyne response to questions/issues from kickoff.


Meeting at Parlex 12/8 (TBD):

  • View existing cables and tooling/etc.
  • Parlex response to question/issues from kickoff.


Closeout review at SLAC second week of January.

Final Report/Documentation end of January.