CODE 541




TO:                       541/Materials Testing & Applications Group/Ms. D. Kolos


FROM:                541/Materials Analysis & Technology Group/Mr. A. Montoya  


SUBJECT:           Inspection of Drilled GLAST LAT Tracker Flex Cable Coupons and Residue from Drilled Hole      


DATE:                 December 6, 2004           


ANALYSIS #:    AM04-066                        





Samples Submitted:


(1)   Residue on copper foils from drilled hole on board

(2)   Materials used by Parlex in manufacturing of GLAST Tracker Flex product

(3)   Drilled holes on two coupons processed by Parlex


Analysis Performed:


Fourier Transform Infrared Microspectroscopy (m-FTIR)




The residue observed on the copper foils was analyzed from 4000 to 650 cm-1.  The IR spectrum collected from the residue identified it as a modified acrylic compound.  Based on this result, four materials used by Parlex during manufacturing of the Tracker Flex product were analyzed.  The materials supplied were a white laminate used as backup, a brown laminate, a piece of Kapton sheet, and a sheet of acrylic adhesive.  All four materials were analyzed with FTIR and the acrylic adhesive was identified as the source of the residue found on the copper threads.


In an attempt to verify the Parlex cleaning process, they prepared two coupons for analysis.  Coupon #2 was drilled, followed by a water blast, plasma etch, and microetched.  Coupon #3 was drilled, plasma etched, and microetched.  Several drilled holes from each coupon were sectioned and the copper foils inside the holes were examined using m-FTIR.  In each case, no detectable levels of the acrylic adhesive or other organic contaminants were identified.


If there are any questions regarding this report, please contact me at x6-5289 or Alex.Montoya@nasa.gov.


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Alex Montoya



541/Blackwood, J.