Meeting on FEA at Hytec August 6, 2002



Add Hytec reports on FEA modeling to our website.




Plan to continue:


{SLAC} Get grid stiffness to Hytec ASAP!

{SLAC} Get CLA to Tracker interface to Hytec ASAP!

{SLAC} Fund Hytec to include partial grid in their FEA model.





  1. Compare model 3 (current version) results with 6/19 results.
  2. Investigate 1 & -2 corner bolts to see redistribution at strain/stress/loads.
  3. Determine stress/strain levels in bottom tray corners from results at model 3.
  4. Hand calc or detail corner from model.
  5. Apply proposed solutions to model 3.
  6. Repeat C&D for proposed solutions
  7. Show additional margins.