EM Tower Post 0dB Random Vibration Test Inspection Report Action Item n.2 NCR. 002 Response

27th November 2003-11-27


Attendees: INFN-Bari, INFN-Pisa, SLAC-Pisa, GSFC


  1. Tower placed on the table in the assembly configuration, upside-down position.
  2. Control accelerometer x removed from the fixture.
  3. Flex cables unplugged by removing the cable holding plug adaptors.
  4. Visual inspection of the bottom tray shows that the corner flexure screws (-x,+y), (+y,+x), (-y,+x) have no torque and that the one at (-x,-y) flexure corner is protruding of about 2 mm, while the eight central flexure seem to be in the right position.
  5. Corner flexure screws to the fixture easily removed showing no torque.
  6. Cable holding plate removed.
  7. Check of the torque values of the eight central flexure screws to the fixture: 6/8 have still the nominal torque of 2.9 Nm; the other 2 screws have no torque: one on the +y side and one on the + x side (screws corresponding to the slot holes).
  8. Central flexure screws removed.
  9. Thermal strap screws removed.
  10. Fixture removed.
  11. Flex cables appear abrased at the fixture passing slit level.
  12. Visual inspection of the fixture holes corresponding to the corner flexure screws show damage. The holes corresponding to the central screws show no visible damage.
  13. Screws on the X side-wall checked for torque: no change in the nominal values of 0.4 Nm.
  14. Side-wall X removed: no damage observed on the side-wall surface or the X side of the trays.
  15. Visual inspection of the inserts of the trays show no damage.
  16. Side-wall X is re-assembled.
  17. Tower packed in the internal metal container ready for shipping container.