From Mike Menning, February 3, 2004


Below is a list of considerations which need to be addressed prior to releasing the drawings for the dual-cone flexure design . There are likely other considerations but these are the ones that come to mind at present. My expectation is that Mike Foss will provide details of the drawings as they mature and that Erik will be responsible for supplying the analysis to John for his review and approval. 


1. Determine needed fastener torque to provide required clamping force considering the need to exceed the running torque of the locking feature and any reduction in clamping force due to friction.


2. Determine torque level for installing stud into Keen-Sert considering the running torque in the locking feature and the need for the installation torque on stud to exceed the installation torque on fastener ( to prevent stud and cone rotation during fastener torquing).


3. Determine if small hex feature on outer end of stud can withstand the max installation torque.


4. Determine stresses in eccentric cones, grid bushing, and flexure walls due to installation torues of stud into Keen-sert and fastener onto stud.


5. Ensure that inner cone remains proud relative to outer cone when loadind with clamping force in worst case.


6. Make recommendations for surface finnish and coating for eccentric cones and mating surface of flexure.