LAT Assembly Information:
Equipment Title Drawing No. Rev Serial No.
Tracker Tower B Receiving, Handling & Acceptance Top Level Procedure LAT-PS-05471 02
Reference Designator Subsystem Equipment Class Prepared by   
Tracker Flight Steve Lundgren
Responsible Engineer Manufacturing Engineer Quality Engineer
D. Rich B. Estey J. Cullinan
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Step Instructions:
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10 The purpose of this AIDS is to receive in Tracker Tower and perform the following tests, approve & accept the Tracker prior to hand-off to I&T.

20 Perform Tracker Receiving and Post-Shipment Handling Procedure, LAT-PS-05471-02. Engineering Review & Approval of test data.

25 Check torques of flexure nuts per AIDS #784

30 Record Tracker Tower Serial Number here:_____________.

35 Fit check Tower Lifting Fixture mounting point inserts for paint debris and chase threads if necessary using a M-4 bottom tap to a depth of .200 inch of clear threads. Note: maximum torque is 25 in-lbs. Clean threads with a vacuum cleaner. Use of a small amount of ethanol alcohol for lubrication is ok.

40 Perform Post-Shipment Electrical Tests per LAT-PS-05481-01. Engineering Review & Approval of test data.

50 Install EMI Shield and Taping per LAT-PS-05647-02, Tracker Tower EMI Taping Procedure at SLAC.

60 Perform EMI Acceptance Testing per LAT-TD-05462-02. Engineering Review & Approval of test data. 2/11/2005 8:23:13 AM

70 Perform Hand-off Electrical Test per LAT-PS-05481-01. Engineering Review & Approval of test data.

80 Hold I&T Hand-off Meeting. Engineering & LAT QA Review & Approval of complete data package.

90 Close out this AIDS after Tower has been handed-off to I&T. Retain this AIDS with all supporting documents such as Data Sheets, etc. in the B33 QA Records Retention File.