Minutes of the 4/15/04 Tracker staff meeting

Notes from Jim Martin


Attendees:  Rich, Menning, Martin, Tice, Scholz, Nordby, Brez, Bagagli, Menon, Rapposelli, Venator


ACTION ITEMS  (Dave - please reword if needed, and assign to people)

1.  Tell Sandro if Tom Borden has received full set of EM sidewall coupons

2.  Send new PS number to Sandro/Riccardo for BT/TT Assembly procedures (Done by Robert: LAT-PS-03613)

3.  Plyform to provide Travelers and database for PRRs

4.  Sandro to send email to Martin Nordby describing exactly what has been laminated RE facesheets for BT/TT

5.  Sandro/Riccardo to give Martin feedback Monday on TT closeout drawings

6.  Nanda to fill in the Matrix to best of his knowledge and send it to Dave Rich et al

7.  Review DTP List together:  Tackle TT/BT and sidewalls Monday morning, someone must arrange the telecon

8.  Jim M to get the spec to which the prepreg was ordered and get it into LATDocs - Sandro will send the spec to Jim M from INFN

9.  Dave:  is there an action item for the Ti washers?

10.  Riccardo:  Riccardo to send recommendation on how to change inserts for simplifying tooling.

11.  Riccardo to ___?__ RE critical dimensions for reviewing __?__

12.  Riccardo to send redlines for Midtrays

13.  Martin and Joe to review inspection data on BT closeouts, and Jeff will oversee packaging and shipping ASAP

14.  Someone to look at whether Dave can hand-carry the Ti flexures to INFN.


Sandro asks:  has Tom Borden received full set of EM sidewall coupons?  Dave will check


Dave introduces PRR/TRR Matrix for tracking closure on input items to the PRRs and TRRs that are coming up - Robert asked for this, and names of responsible people for each item.


PRR for BT and TT, 27 April:  Sandro/Riccardo

Sandro says:  they need a PS number for the Assembly procedures

Travelers:  would be provided by Plyform - may not be quite ready, but PRR team should establish a plan for completion

Materials:  face sheets for BT and TT have been laminated to existing drawings - Martin very concerned - see ACTION ITEM below

INFN:  responsible for Tooling and fixture




Tom V concerned that we need to go through the Drawing Tree and Parts List as a group - he suggested Friday morning, but Monday morning (PDT) is the first time Riccardo will be available.


PO for sidewall prepreg has been released from Plyform to COI - to what specification?  see ACTION ITEM below


Titanium washers:  do new ones need to be made?  Design is not finished, John Ku has work still to do.  Schedule pressure is a driving factor:  fab is 4 weeks, according to Jeff, and design completion would take a week.  Need date is 1 June.  The change must be compatible with the tooling - Martin would need to see the tooling drawings.  Tom V worried:  we should not change anything that we don't need to change.  Some discussion between Martin and Sandro on details.  Dave:  if Sandro can verify that thickness change would not affect tooling, we would build Tower A with existing washers if schedule requires, but we would switch over to the new washers at Tower B or 1.  Sandro worry:  increases confusion. 


TT closeouts:  Martin needs feedback now on the check prints.  See ACTION ITEM below.  Some detailed technical discussion between Martin and Sandro. 


BT:  Tooling and pins still have to me made.  Riccardo will send recommendation on how to change inserts for simplifying tooling.  See ACTION ITEM below.


Critical dimensions for reviewing:  Riccardo and Sandro to follow up. 


Redlines for mid-tray drawings:  Riccardo wants all the assembly drawings and then can do the check.


BT closeouts:  See ACTION ITEM above.


Other action items from last week were completed.


Reminder about Robert Ruland being at Pisa on Thursday/Friday, April 29/30.  Discussion of new CMM and software for same at INFN, which enables comparison to a solid model - can review this capability then.


Titanium flexures:  we expect the first parts to be shipped to SLAC Tuesday, April 20th, then 7-10 calendar days to get to INFN unless we hand-carry it.


MCMs:  production was stopped because of alignment problems; it is about to be re-started.  77 short MCMs and 11 talls were started into production prior to the halt.  The first 5-10 are still on schedule for April 22 delivery.  They need to be burned-in, and they need to be at INFN end of first week of May.  This is **critical path** for G&A.


Conical washers and clamps:  Nanda wants to talk about the latest ideas through; latest concept looks difficult to use.  Mike M:  concept only at this point, quite a few drawings to do yet, not having cones in hand makes it harder.  Nanda:  Emilio can put together ideas and send them to Mike.