AI # Resp. Action Status Closure Date
    Design issues discussion    
1 Riccardo Supply mid tray actual as built measurements. Measurement in hand 4-May-04
2 Sandro Machine top & bottom tray inserts for T76 alum Pending drawing revision/release/authorization to proceed  
3   Sandro will contact machine shop for prefered material for MCM pins.  6000-series is probably no issue-check with Jeff Tice    
4 Peter A Update mid-tray assembly drawings after receiving redlines. pending redlines from INFN  
5 Nordby Modify closeout drawings per redlines    
7 Riccardo Tungstun & Bias Circuit location not shown on LAT-DS-00148.  INFN to provide redline to define tolerance.  Also any other redlines for mid-tray assembly drawings.    
8 Riccardo Answer B. Rodini's question about face-sheet layout method (resing loss?)    
9 Sandro INFN to provide redlines for LAT-DS-00180(For G&A)  update to reflect actual design for MCM Alignment pins, remove screws, remove tungsten from this level of assy., bond line for MCM bondline,   (SIMILAR ACTION FOR FIVE DWGs, 3 mid tray, top, bottom),  position of ladders.  Be sure to include line of adhesive under ends of SSDs for encapsulation dam.   7-May-04
  Robert Review and update as needed level-4 mechanical requirements document regarding the ladder position tolerance    
11 Emilio INFN to provide draft Tower Assy. Procedure for SLAC review. First part (pre vibration) is ready 5-May-04
12 Nordby Update sidewall drawings according to redlines   7-May-04
  Riccardo Revise sidewall washer assembly tooling drawings   14-May-04
13 Nordby Revise top/bottom tray insert drawings according to redlines   4-May-04
15 Nordby Martin- Add ground wire on Bottom Tray Assy. Drawing LAT-DS-00050.  Ground wire inserts in hole in bottom tray and is bonded with electrical conductive adhesive Hysol CV 2646.  Add to BOM, screw, wire assy (lug & wire).   Spec for wire- Multi strand twisted, 22gauge (approx. .5mm).   11-May-04
16 Sandro : INFN to investigate- Crimp & solder premade (G&A?), provide ground wire assy to plyform and install.  Bare wire, no insulation.  Will G&A make the solder assembly.   7-May-04
17 Aldo/Sandro Bottom Tray Core-  Reorder does not support build schedule for Tower A, EM Bottom Tray and possibly Tower B.    INFN to create NCR and conduct MRB to authorize plyform to trim to meet dimension per print and scrap remaining material.   7-May-04
18 Nordby Update top/bottom tray facesheet drawings to redlines   4-May-04
22 Nordby Update top/bottom tray closeout assembly drawings to redlines   7-May-04
28 Nordby Re-define top and bottom tray coordinate system using –Y struc closeout face and +X pin on the –Y closeout.   30-Apr-04
29 Nordby Change top and bottom tray inserts so tol on flange thickness is +0/-0.1 mm, to reduce likelihood of bottoming out insert in counterbore.    
32 Nordby Send IGES file of stripped down tower model with Grid Simulator.   14-May-04
33 Tice Sandro- Concern regarding aeroglaze application on closeouts.  Primer is very very toxic.  Sandro is conducting a development test of painting closeout wo/ primer.  Thermal cycle five cycles testing 90 to -50 deg. Sandro will evaluate results tomorrow.  Drawing currently calls out primer!  Sandro does not want trays to go to Plyform paint area.    Jeff Tice provide MSDS sheet to INFN for Aeroglaze Z306 paint and Primer 9924.  Also, contact supplier to find out what application methods are recommended (for use on carbon-carbon) to comply with safety regulations.  Is there an alternative primer available which is less toxic?   3-May-04
34 Nordby Martin- Inspect Sidewall washers LAT-DS-00909 current rev. of drawing to “as-built” H/W (in bonded stores at SLAC).  Have J. Tice  generate W/O.  LAT QA is to perform inspection.   7-May-04
    TRR- Tray Vibration    
35 Francesco G. Release tray vibration fixture drawings    
36 J. Ku  John Ku to review & approve LAT-TD-00154-2. Pending revision  
37 Francesco G. Review and revise the lower-frequency limits for acceptance   7-May-04
38 Francesco G. Add detail to procedure regarding visual inspection criteria   7-May-04
39 J. Ku Concern that for bottom tray, could unsupported flexures get damaged?  What is the natural frequency of the flexures?  ACTION:  John Ku review (estimate) natural frequency of flexures constrained at one end    
40 ? :  INFN-  For first bottom tray tested, install an accelerometer on a corner flexure to measure response level.    
    TRR- Tray Panel  Thermal Vacuum Testing    
41 Francesco B. Delete sentence about requirement to stabilize the glue.  (Revise scope statement in general)    
42 Marsh Martin-  Concern of cleaning and contamination control.  Raised when it was said that Plyform does not handle trays w/gloves.  Sandro said that a cleaning process is used prior to bonding operations.  MN-  Build in class 100k or cleaned thereafter.  What is cleanliness of inside of tray?  Specifically finger grease.  ACTION:  LAT QA-  reviewing contamination control plan as it pertains to tray materials, specifically honeycomb. Darren is clear on the response he needs to provide 19-May-04
  Riccardo Find out what Plyform's procedures are regarding glove usage    
43 Francesco B. Rewrite NCR section in the procedure document    
  Darren Send F. Belli suggestion for NCR paragraph and visual inspection requirements   7-May-04
45 Francesco B. INFN to verify that cold trap is used in set-up.  Document in procedure to verify that cold trap is functional.    
46 Francesco B. Specify that tray’s must be installed into rack with structural closeouts to sides orient such that Bias circuit bonding pads do not rest against support rails on rack.  Possibly remove material from front of slides.    
  Francesco B. Revise procedure for bolting trays to the fixture, to insure that expansion of the fixture does not stress the trays    
47 J. Goodman review and approve this procedure.    
48 Francesco B. Add to para. 9.5 “double bag” and desiccant for packaging.  Also, add word “if necessary” to alcohol wipe.    
    INFN Database    
49 L. Latronico Add Revision level to part no. in database.    
50 L. Latronico Add DRB in flow at the following locations: 1) before shipping tray from Plyform to INFN (for ESPI testing) and 2) before shipping from INFN back to Plyform for Tu & Kapton installation.    
    Tray Thermal Test Plan    
51 Robert Send plan and procedure out for review and sign-off    
    PRR- Top & Bottom Tray Panel Assembly Procedure    
54 Tice Review design & materials matrix and ensure that all items are identified who provides them.  1) Update Design & Materials Matrix to reflect design status (to reflect redlines agreed w/INFN 4/27/04.                                                       2) Add column for “authorized for flight production”.  “not authorized for flight production”,  “material procurement OK for flight production”.                                                                           Needs info from INFN (Mirco Bagni and Riccardo)  
55 Sandro Sandro- Contract with Plyform is for EM drawings & materials.  Robert-  This contract needs to be revised using latest revisions.  This must be done prior to start of production. Pending release of drawings  
57 R. Johnson Provide Jeff with full list of procedures used on TKR and ask Jeff to include them in the drawing/materials matrix   3-May-04
58 Rich Follow-up action:  Establish rev. level & release status for the procedures    
59 Robert Submit for release sidewall specifications (incl. pre-preg materials specification)   3-May-04
60 Tice Nusil, aeroglaze, and primer problem w/procurement in EU.  Sandro sent list of materials requesting SLAC to procurement.   ACTION:  Jeff. Tice provide materials requested (via e-mail request). In progress  
61 R. Johnson Send Top & Bottom Tray assy procedure to Natalie, distribute for review and approval.   30-Apr-04
    PRR- ASSY of trays with MCMs and ladders in G&A    
62 Sandro Send G&A MCM integration test results to SLAC    
63 Robert Send the procedure document for release   30-Apr-04
64 Nordby Verify MCM mounting holes 11 plcs align with respective holes in top/bottom tray closeouts.    7-May-04
  Sandro Check preproduction MCM fit to the flight mid tray   4-May-04
65 Nordby Martin-  Check height of alignment pin to ensure that it does not interfere with flex cables (etc.).    7-May-04
66 Sandro Concern- Martin  Alum alignment pins should be Ni. Plated.  Alum oxidizes and would inhibit electrical conduction.  ACTION:  Sandro will check with G&A for plating process (or use of brass).   3-May-04
  Sandro Discuss with G&A possibility of double wire bonding of HV and SSD bias.   Also find value from G&A for the nondestructive pull test.    
67 Nordby Martin will update drawing of MCM alignment pins accordingly.    
    Ladder Assy to trays    
68 Sandro Design & Fab bottom tray to ladder assy fixture    
77 Robert Check with Jeff on shipment of two EGSE test sets (and mini-tower cables) to INFN.   3-May-04
  Robert Get status from Jeff on T/V cables   3-May-04
    PRR- Sidewall Procurement and Specification    
78 Robert Distribute for review & Release LAT-PS-03467.    
79 INFN Aeroglaze callout in procedure should be Z306  (is A2306).    
80 INFN Change max. thickness in procedure, should be 1.625mm (is 1.630mm)    
82 Martin Review & release 4.0mm Ti washer (thinned down, rev.2), procure, and ship to INFN.  Also, investigate remachining rev. 1 to rework to rev. 2 configuration.    
83 SLAC QA Review materials certs and inspect washers (units in bonded storage b/33).    
84 Martin SLAC- Revise & release sidewall drawings   7-May-04
  Riccardo Purge Rev 7 bias circuits when sufficient quantities of Rev 8/9 bias circuits are available    
  Albert Replace old connector savers before shipping MCMs to Pisa   3-May-04
  Jeff Verify price and lead time for flight quantities of eccentric cones    
  Martin Evaluate design concept for permanently mounted corner blocks for top tray alignment targets