Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

April 3, 2002


Note: we have started to archive the meeting minutes on the Tracker web page at SLAC: http://www-glast.slac.stanford.edu/Tracker-Hardware.  This page is also becoming quite complete with drawings, documents, talks, pictures, and schedules.  Please take a look.  Additional contributions are welcome.  Just notify Robert or Tom.


Erik requested that BJ increase the flange thickness of the inserts from .50 mm to .75 mm to increase the mechanical design margin.  Also, we must use 7075-T76 aluminum, as NASA doesn’t like 7075-T6 for corrosion reasons.  We decided to make these changes for the flight build but not for the engineering model (for which insert production is in progress).  Sandro said that he will receive the first lot of inserts next week. 


Sandro said that Luisella still cannot open the Hytec drawings from their web site.  Erik will get this fixed (done).  However, everybody should start using the SLAC web site, especially for drawings that have been put into Cyberdocs and released.


Sandro received the shipment of carbon-carbon material (at the Pisa airport).  There are 31 pieces.  The final engineering-model batch will arrive April 10 at SLAC.  Sandro needs to know by email the exact number of pieces in order to make the PO for machining.  Honeycomb has not yet arrived but should in the next day.


Ossie reported that he talked to GMSI.  Peter will start shipping parts in a week if the material looks okay.  Right now they are grinding (not milling) rough material to the start size.  They use a silicon-carbide grinding wheel (reciprocating surface grinder).


The insert bonding tool has been ordered but Luisella is still working on the drawing.  Sandro expects it to be done April 22, a week later than the present schedule.


The tray panel assembly tools will be tested by the end of next week, also one week later than the present schedule.  (Robert will update the schedule.)


BJ has started on the top-bottom tray assembly tool drawings.


Drawing release status: Tom has DCNs for the face sheets.  He will move forward with inserts and then the top/bottom tray closeouts.  Then they will start on the assembly drawings.  All drawings need to go to Robert, Sandro, Luisella, and Erik for sign-off, in addition to Tom.