Meeting Notes Monday 4/7/03 by Brian Caplen, Teledyne Electronic Technologies


1.        Need to review the method of attaching the long right angle fiberglass piece. The edge needs to be a consistent distance. Suggestion would be attach and route edge straight leaving a small raised piece that would clear the ASIC gold pad.

Action: Review with Peter H, obtain dimension definition. BRIAN

2.        Glass beads, need to decide if they have any benefit. BRIAN/TOM

3.        Confirm degassing of the flex attach epoxy. BRIAN

4.        Cross section/ understand the reason for the flex breaking in the small areas of the latest attach. Possibly cross section effected areas. BRIAN/PETER

5.        Review radius of right angle fiberglass. ROBERT

6.        Update/clarify the flush trim on the flex / PCB ends in the assembly procedure. BRIAN. Add some sort of note to SLAC drawing defining criteria. See detail F. ROBERT

7.        Decide on prototype quantity build.  SLAC, Quote order. MONIQUE

8.        Conformal coating. Options

  1. Humiseal, work with Fred Gross on trying to get approval , TOM
  2. Look at environmental controls for Urathane. BRIAN
  3. Look at NuSil as an option. BRIAN


9.        Supply TET with new shorter screws/part numbers for shipping box, connector. TOM

10.     New connector design, supply TET details/part number.  TOM

11.     SLAC drawings, general agreement that a set of drawings with an agreed configuration needs to be used before more units are built. SLAC supply

12.     Solder components. TET to review use of stacking on larger capacitors (C200-201 & C1-6) to alleviate any potential issues with components falling off. BRIAN/TONY

13.     Review and existing LIVE boards at SLAC for issue 12, and report with photographs. JERRY C

14.     Need to complete when all drawings available review before procurement. PCB, Assembly and ASIC dwgs. SLAC/TET

15.     Schedule TET to review SLAC overview. BRIAN/ELVIA/MONIQUE

16.     Critical dates FYI from SLAC master schedule.50pc s/b ready for 1st electrical test. July 14th, ship date of 1st 50 pieces to SLAC. June 13th, May 19th Material supply date.

17.     Understanding that the first 50 parts will be assembled and tested/understood before any further ASIC attach is started.

18.     Connector savers need to add to assembly dwgs, SLAC, add to BOM/Assembly procedure BRIAN once part number is supplied to TET.

As a consequence need to look possibly at larger cookie trays for handling