Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

August 28, 2002



      1. Luisella: update on drawing review

      2. Luisella: update or plans for Plyform production

      3. Robert, Tom: Ladder production review; travelers, materials list, etc

      4. Robert: ASIC testing status

      5. Tom: MCM status


Action Items:

      1. Tom: release the ladder assembly drawing.

      2. Tom: verify that 5mm in height is the only difference between top and bottom tray assembly tooling drawings.

      3. BJ: send the top/bottom tray tooling drawings to the machine shop.

      4. Tom: add the die attach adhesive to the materials list.

      5. Tom/Ossie: get 2 ladder-mcm fixtures produced and shipped to Pisa.

      6. Hartmut: set up a phone meeting between Sandro and Takashi for next week.

      7. Luisella: send Tom, Robert, and BJ the name, email, and phone number of the new Pisa designer.

      8. Tom: look into getting a quick turn-around on the kapton/tungsten tooling.



Plyform is machining the new insert bonding tool.  When it is ready they will resume tray production.  They expect to have the tool back by early next week.


Tom is submitting an updated materials list, including all ladder material, to Jeff Tyson today.  He has made contact with NASA, and they will look at it and review and send approval, hopefully.  Jeff will flag the ladder items as urgent for approval.


Luisella has approved the ladder assembly drawing.  Tom will see that it gets released. 


The top tray assembly tooling drawing was also approved.  During the meeting Luisella also approved the bottom assembly tool drawing, which only differs by 5mm increased height (Tom will verify that this is really the only difference).  BJ will send these to a machine shop immediately.  According to our schedule they are needed in less than 3 weeks.


Tom will call Alcomp and check on the new material shipment. It should be done and will be shipped to Pisa as soon as SLAC receives it.


Tom talked to Teledyne to check on their status.  They had good news.  They found a NASA approved die attach epoxy with an 80C cure temperature.  They tried it and found that it caused no bowing of the MCM.  Tom will add this adhesive to the materials list.


Robert reminded SLAC that the ladder jig for MCM testing needs to be completed and shipped to Italy as soon as possible so that MCM testing can proceed with realistic input loading.  Two are needed.


Hartmut said that Takashi Ohsugi will be visiting SLAC next week.  He will try to set up a meeting with Sandro concerning the SSD packaging problem.


Luisella said that she sent to BJ the drawing of the new insert bonding tool, for him to put into the SLAC system.  She also said that there is a new designer at Pisa since about one month.  She will send his name, email, and phone number. 


Luisella will send the kapton and tungsten assembly drawings to SLAC today.  Pisa estimates the end of September at best to get those machined.  Robert said that that is not acceptable given that they are needed in the schedule at the beginning of September.  Robert and Tom will look into getting those machined quickly in California.