Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

December 2, 2004


Brief minutes from today's short Tracker Telcon w/INFN.


Sandro reported that the wrong proforma was sent by Jeff Tice for EGSE recent shipment. It apparently was a duplicate of the previously sent EGSE proforma. The materials are stuck in customs until the correct proforma is provided by Jeff.






Tower A status-

Tower is assembled.

Sidewalls installed.

CMM started.





(note: I may have lost some of the detail in translation)

2 trays signals lost after tray thermal.

Failure is wirebonds between ladders (?) between 2nd and 3rd SSD. Bottom tray lost 30 channels Heavy tray top side lost 300 channels. Loss detected during xy scatter plot. These two trays have no spares. They could not be changed out prior to stack.


Total loss of channels is 1.5% of tower.


ACTION- INFN will generate an NCR. 

We need to hold an MRP tomorrow morning to disposition and progress tower A.




EMI preps needs to be finalized.

Discussion focused on problems to implement on Tower A and difficulty in general. Tom Himel has sent an e-mail describing preps required. INFN requested formal design detailing EMI preps required. Painting (black epoxy paint) of top tray appears to also be an issue. INFN does not have the paint, facilities, etc. currently to perform painting operation. Mike Foss will start work on EMI preps next Tuesday (after completion of split flex cable design).


Agreement that for Tower A- It would be acceptable to proceed thru vibe and T/V without EMI preps and paint. Jack Goodman was consulted later in the day and he concurs.


This topic will take some concentrated effort with Tom Himel and team to get all details worked to closure.



In abbreviated notes, that about covers the meeting.

It was short because we were displaced by monthly review.



D.W. Rich