Minutes of the December 4 Meeting


Since yesterday, the design team has settled on solution #2 (see John Ku's PPT slides from yesterday).  Based on today's discussion, this looks promising in general, though more detailed work needs to be done ASAP.  We agreed to meet again at 1 pm on Monday for two hours.




Swensen/Borden reviewed potential problem caused by conical pinning:  the preliminary estimate of the induced stress in the flexures is very high.

ACTION:  Erik will perform analysis and provide results by Monday noon.


Venator - can Swensen ship the detailed flexure model to John Ku?

ACTION:  Erik will check to see if this can be done.


Nordby reviewed initial design of solution #2 (see John Ku's ppt from 3 Dec), including GRID side of I/F in corners

ACTION:  Martin/Mike Foss will get the detailed solid model of the flexure from BJ and take the next step in designing this I/F


Ku reviewed his stress calculations for shear strength of the collar and for tearout of the GRID; these show approx 2X margin

ACTION:  John will perform parallel check of stresses on flexure and will calculate the bolt preload needed and the allowable loads


Venator led discussion on whether to reexamine the present level of random vibe

ACTION:  Tom V will work with GSFC team to examine the present values and propose (possibly) reduced input spectrum


Brief discussion of side joint.

ACTION:  Martin will evaluate in more detail and present results Monday.


Horn:  What is the schedule/plan for (1) getting back into a vibe test, and (2) proceeding with production of the affected parts of the Tracker and the Grid?