Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

February 27, 2003


Action Items:

1. Tom: check with Nusil whether there is a release agent for CV2500

2. Erik: send drawings to BJ

3. Robert: discuss with Tom about getting a backup thermal analysis with YS90 sidewalls

4. Nick: send information to SLAC for use with the Omnetics quote

5. Robert: find documentation of Co-60 TID testing on the GLAST SSDs


Sandro reported that all mini-tower trays are at Pisa.  They are working on program debugging.  They see good leakage current on the tray being studied.  Signals from a Ruthenium source were seen.  There is still a problem with noise, believed to be due to incomplete grounding of the surrounding structure.  They will put in long screws to connect the MCM to the aluminum core and closeout.


They plan to do the thermal vacuum testing of the 5th tray at Alenia Spatzia just before Easter.  Before trying it out on that working tray, they plan to test encapsulation of wire bonds from the MCM to SSDs on a mechanical tower tray. 


Sandro said that Plyform will start the top tray assembly next week.  Italians will test tray panels on a shaker table on March 12 to 14.  On March 17 they will try out the assembly and encapsulation on mechanical trays.  The week of March 24 they will do the live tray.  Sandro said they possibly will use the CV2500, which is more viscous that what they have been using on the ladders.


Sandro said to remind Tom to check with Nusil whether there is a release agent for the CV2500 that they could use on a dam on the MCM side of the encapsulation.


Erik reported that Hytec is rerunning the random vibe analysis.  All the coupons are bonded to test the YS90 sidewalls, for the insert pull test.  They are working on drawings.  BJ needs drawings in order to finalize interface issues.  Preliminary drawings are okay.  Erik will check with COI for their progress.


Erik asked if we shouldn't recheck the thermal analysis at with the YS90, as a backup plan.  Or else we will go into CDR with only an unproven material.  Robert will discuss this with Tom.


BJ reported that COI sent us a new quote for the sidewall material yesterday.


Nick will send email with information for the Omnetics quote today.  He needs 2 more days to review the Omnetics drawings.  A few more days to finalize the specification document.


Nick said that we need to put on our web page some radiation testing results of SSDs on Co-60.