Venator, Martin, Menning, Ku  -  9am, 4 February


Drawings ready for review by 6 Feb or 9 Feb:

- C-C closeouts

- Ti corner brackets

- Ti corner and side flexures

However, won't have the details of the eccentric cones completely ready until a few days later.


Risk reduction hardware:

- will start as soon as there is enough detail to be able to get Karen Fant's shop going - Dave Rich will supervise during Mike's travel next week

- will order Ti material now, but there is a three-week backlog

- would load it up in increments in a static test


Validation Plan:

- need to write down the principal steps/options in this plan

- meaningless to vibe a single flexure joint

- unlikely to be valuable to use Instron in ersatz vibe test

- NASA Project Office has strong preference for vibe test of new interface with a tower mockup, if not the EM

- Next week Menning/Nordby/Brez/et al will assess the difficulty and likely outcome (fidelity, robustness) of refitting the EM bottom tray for the purpose of validating the new interface