Meeting between Tracker and Flight Software

February 4, 2004



* All TKR housekeeping data can be sent at the nominal frequency (~every 20s) to the space craft. The downlink frequency will be much lower.


* The FSW SRS will point to a TBD TKR document that defines red limits for TKR housekeeping parameters.  The values are given to FSW by files. The format will be specified by FSW.


* If the a red limit is reached,  the FSW will initiate Safe Mode which will shut down power to the instrument

* No diagnostic software is required for the TKR


Tracker did not ask any diagnostics function on board for TKR since all of such tasks can be done on ground. Only temperature, voltages and currents will trigger autonomous action on board.


Actions: For Event Monitoring, Hiro will produce a write up by 18 Feb that includes:

  * TKR paramaters to be monitored

  * parametric values, both direct and statistically derived, that constitute an error or anomaly that needs to be detected onboard

  * the action FSW should initiate for each error/anomaly

  * For Charge Injection Calibration, Hiro will produce a write up by 18 Feb that includes requirements for:

      * ToT

      * Threshold scan


Hiro will discuss with Eduardo about these issues.