Minutes of the February 5, 2004 Tracker Meeting


Action Items:

-        Ben: call COI to find out about fiber volume and void content measurements

-        Richard Gobin: inspect bias circuits for shipment by Feb 23

-        Riccardo: send tooling draft drawings to Martin and Mike to review on the plane

-        Jeff: look into marking ink for the tray SN

-        Sandro: check with G&A about the flex-attach fixture quote for SLAC

-        Robert: put the T/V schedule onto the web site (done)

-        Sandro: send Tom Borden and email about what old prototype trays they still have in Italy

-        Erik: send static test fixture drawings to Mike Menning



      - titanium drawing status and plans for Mike and Martin's travel to Pisa next week

      - bottom-tray closeout status (can COI start machining?)

      - bottom tray assembly tooling status

      - mid tray production status & schedule

      - sidewall coupons

      - G&A progress with MCMs and bottom tray assembly tooling

      - MCM preproduction and PRR preparations status

      - A.O.B.


Ben asked about a fiber volume content and void content measurement made at COI using Plyform coupons.  Robert was not aware of any such measurement.  Sandro will check with Plyform, and Ben will call COI.


Sandro reported that he has the Plyform thermal coupons and coupons with inserts.  Jeff Tice will determine whether to ship or send them back with Mike and Martin (he determined that it is best for Mike and Martin to bring them back).


By end of next week we need to know the situation with COI or YLA with respect to acceptance of the prepreg specs.  Ben is working this.


Martin reported that his team has gone through all the solid models and checked and constrained them.  He checked tolerances on fit-ups everywhere and did full check on the bracket, corner flexure, and mid size flexures and is updating drawings now.  First check prints should be available by noon tomorrow.  He will send out pdf files for checking, especially by Erik.  He is also working on the two closeout designs for the bottom tray, checking the drawings, and will have check prints probably by the end of day tomorrow.  He needs feedback by the end of day Monday in order to have a clean drawing set to take to Italy for discussions.  He is bringing on another designer to help out.


Martin would also like to check over mid-tray drawings but doesn’t have time now.


Martin is also updating the assembly drawing for the bottom tray and will work with Pisa on that next week.  Mid tray assembly drawings also do not have as much detail as he would like to see.

Mike is Foss is updating the solid models to check Martin's calculations.


Some changes to mid-tray drawings need to be done by BJ:

Thin converter thickness and tolerances (done)

Masking of MCM closeouts (done)


Sandro reported that Riccardo made drawings for bottom tray tooling and is now resolving tolerances.  After Martin's visit, he will send them to Plyform.  He will have only a draft of the bottom-tray insert installation tool at Martin's visit.  Pisa will Email drawings to Martin and Mike for them to review on the plane.


Plyform is making honeycomb sandwiches.  Bare panels will be done starting the end of Feb.  The first 4 or 5 will be nonflight.  First completed trays will be available after the first week of March.  Plyform will go into full-speed production in March.


Sandro said that the honeycomb shipment is in customs in Pisa and will be picked up tomorrow.  The 7 MCMs left SLAC Monday morning, according to Dave, so they should be in Pisa tomorrow


Bias circuits need drawings finished and released (to incorporate redlines made during manufacture), serial numbers, and inspection.  SLAC needs to ship by Feb 23.  (The last know correction to the bias circuit drawing was made today, so it should be released very soon.)


Jeff will look into marking ink to use on trays to mark the serial number on the closeout. 


Ben spoke about his concern about a CTE mismatch between aluminum and composite in the sidewalls.  From cure to room temperature the aluminum must yield, so there is a potential for damage.  Thermal cycle tests will be done next week on sidewalls, over the range  +50C, -40C, with a rate of 2C/minute and hold time 30 min, for 5 cycles.


Sandro reported that tomorrow they will finalize dummy tray drawings for testing of MCM mounting at G&A.  Tooling for MCM mounting will come after measuring the 7 new boards.  Sketches exist for tooling for holding the bottom tray.  It is not a large change with respect to the existing tooling.  G&A will have to modify the table that supports the tray in the wire bonder.


G&A just received a new glue dispensing machine, which is large enough for the bottom tray.


Sandro will check with G&A on the quotation for the pitch-adapter gluing fixture.


Dave reported that SLAC received 14 more preproduction MCMs.  UCSC completed thermal cycling on them and is starting burn-in tomorrow.  The last 10 preproduction units will start assembly at Teledyne today with GTRC-7 chips and will be completed in 2 weeks. 

The PRR for the flight build will be held on next Tuesday. 


Robert reported that the GTRC V7 has been tested on 3 MCMs at UCSC and the timing margin and TOT issues have been fixed.


Jack reported that they are on schedule for T/V testing of the EM.  He and Tom McCarthy will be there the last week in Feb.  The TRR will be held then.  Monday March 1 the hardware will go to Alenia.  They will close the chamber that Friday and start thermal balance on Monday.  Alenia is making up thermal couples.


Robert will put the thermal vacuum schedule onto the web site.

Bari is finishing tests of thermistors with the dummy TEM.  Sandro said that they need to understand the source of an extra 2 ohm series resistance in the system.  They removed the AGND/DGND jumpers on the fully populated MCMs, which cleared the short circuits, but those MCMs do have a slightly different resistance from the others.



Elliott & Borden requested a date for them to have the bottom tray SN2.  Sandro went through their schedule and it became clear that they would have to do the work on setting up and learning the static test fixture after the T/V test (March 19).  Elliott suggested that in that case they could use the EM bottom tray for testing the setup.  We decided to leave the SN2 tray at SLAC.  Sandro agreed to send the old prototype trays that they have as soon as they are done testing the thermal-cycling setup with them.  Sandro will send email to Tom about what he has.


SLAC needs to supply a new part for the static test fixture with the new flexure interface.  Erik will send the fixture drawings to Mike, to get started on this.


Hytec will ship the static test setup to SLAC early next week, Tuesday at the latest. 

Mike will send out an email with an agenda for next week’s meetings in Pisa.