This morning John Ku, myself, and Jim Martin had a conference call to Erik Swensen to identify the remaining tasks that HyTek needs to complete under their consulting contract and to develop a closure plan for these tasks. What follows is my summary of the discussion and this is the message that I propose to send to HyTek with your concurrence.


The tasks which have been previously defined as a part of Contract #40529 and those which have been proposed or recommended by HyTek have been discussed by HyTek and SLAC engineering personnel. Based on these discussions certain tasks will need to be completed by HyTek, certain tasks will be deleted, and the remaining tasks will be the responsibility of SLAC . The tasks which will need to be completed by HyTek are listed below in priority order and with the estimated completion date.


1. Deliver Static Test Fixture Hardware to SLAC - The hardware itself has been picked up by the shipper and is enroute to Italy. HyTek needs to complete the documentation which contains instructions on use of the test fixture. ECD for report completion and delivery is 2/26/04.


2. Corner and Side Flexure Stress Analysis of Interface - A report documenting the analysis results needs to be completed by HyTek and delivered to SLAC. ECD is 3/4/2004.


3. Delivery of NASTRAN structural models - HyTek needs to identify and transmit to SLAC the most current version of the NASTRAN models used for performing stress and dynamics analysis of the Trackers. ECD is 3/8/2004.


4. Qualification Testing of the Side and Corner Flexures and Static Testing of the Bottom Tray w/ K13D Sidewalls - HyTek needs to prepare a single report describing the results of these two test programs. ECD is 3/25/2004.


5. Support of weekly meetings through FY04 - HyTek needs to support the weekly meetings through March 11, 2004. By this date INFN will have inspected the Static Test Fixture Hardware and studied the documentation such that a decision on the need for additional support from HyTek on the use of the fixture can be ascertained. If additional support ins required it would require a one week trip to Italy by Erik Swensen.


6. General Maintenance Contract for FY04 - Under this item HyTek will be retained on an as needed basis to answer questions and provide background information as required through the 2004 fiscal year end.


It is intended that HyTek perform these tasks with the remaining contract funds which were approximately $45K at the end of January plus $45K added funds to complete the contract.