Minutes from the January 14 Tracker-Grid interface meeting:

1. All 12 tower mount points will use dual-eccentric cones for adjustment

2. The Tracker group will mount the tower on the vibration fixture and

verify (probably by CMM) that the tower is standing within its stayclear

above that fixture.  Probably the Tracker group will use a fixture with pins

to reference the bottom tray to the vibration fixture when doing this


3. Each cone will have a clock dial etched into it, and the Tracker group

will include in the EIDP the positions of the cones.

4. The tower will ship to SLAC still mounted on the vibration fixture.  The

I&T group can use the Tracker cone positions on the 3 fiducial flexures to

align the tower into the Grid.  They will then install the other 9 cone sets

in such a way as to minimize stress.

5. The Pisa engineering group will review the bottom tray assembly drawings

and make sure that the tolerances are consistent with the actual

manufacturing capabilities.  This input will need to be used to ensure that

the corner-bracket-flexure assembly design is such that the tower is

guaranteed to go into the Grid bay without interference (shims will then be

used to take up the clearance).

6. A new IDD draft will be sent out by COB Thursday, and comments should be

returned by COB Monday.  A telecon will be held Tuesday at 8:00 PST to

review the comments.  The IDD and Tracker drawings will be updated, and a

review/signing party will be held on Friday.  Fabrication of the Tracker

titanium parts needs to start the following Monday to meet the Tracker build

schedule (and even then the lead time has to be 4 weeks, which will be

pushing it).