Tracker-IDD engineering meeting

January 20, 2004



Brez, Menon, Swensen, Fransen, Johnson, Martin, Bhatnagar, Borden, O'Hearn, Nordby, Foss, Gawehn, Grist, Campell


Reviewed and discussed:

- latest drawings of Interface (sent out 15 Jan)

- Nordby's list of tolerances external to Tracker (dated 20 Jan)

- Brez/Bagagli's "Tray Tolerance Discussion" note (dated 19 Jan)

- Hatfield's "Acoustic Analysis Interim" report (dated 9 Jan)



  - The Tracker stay-clear of 372.0 mm cannot be increased (outer surface of Alum foils)

  - The Alum foil on the inside/outside of the sidewalls will be 0.025 mm instead of 0.050 mm



  - SWENSEN:  by 26 Jan COB, review the Hatfield report to assess impact

  - BORDEN:  today, send Brez/Menon latest bottom tray drawings

  - NORDBY/BORDEN/MARTIN:  by today COB, send short note to Brez describing review of tolerances needed

  - BREZ:  by _____, review tolerances on latest drawings to be sure they reflect the expected reality of production of trays and assembly of towers

  - FRANSEN:  within the next two days, complete drawing/IDD review



  - comments on latest drawings/IDD by Elex/Mech/Tracker