Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

January 23, 2003


Action Items:

1.        Tom: email the pro-forma invoice to Sandro for the MCMs.

2.        Tom: call Teledyne to check on the EM MCM status.

3.        Robert: get SLAC to assemble two cables for Pisa use.

4.        BJ/Nelson: revise the bias circuit design.

5.        Tom: get the tower assembly fixture design moving.

6.        Tom: send the schedule to Sandro to mark up.

7.        BJ: update the closeout drawings with new pin hole

8.        Tom: fix the assembly tooling page in Cyberdocs.

9.        Robert: update the Bari EM test plan in Cyberdocs.


Robert reported that 6 MCMs shipped out yesterday from SLAC.  They should arrive no later than Monday.  Sandro asked Tom to email the pro-forma invoice.


Luca mentioned a problem seen in testing the MCM in Pisa.  One channel appears dead when strobing all channels but reappear when strobing fewer channels.  The funny channel is 1208.


Tom gave the status of the dummy MCMs for the mechanical/thermal tower.  19 were shipped to Italy.  Teledyne is starting now to finish the rest.  They already have pitch adapters installed.  Tom will call Teledyne to check on the status.


There was a discussion of cables.  We need to get the cables from Parlex still for the mechanical/thermal tower.  Robert wants to assemble two cables at SLAC for Pisa use.


SAndro reported that they have the 4 trays for the mini-tower.  They measured the parallelism of their surfaces.  The results are good.  These cannot go into vacuum because of insulation added for shielding the ground plane. 


Sandro said that we need a design change for the bias circuit.  We must hold the shield plane back from the cut edge by a few mm, to avoid danger of cutting into the plane. 


The tray for thermal-vaccuum testing will use a Kapton foil assembled with an insulating plane at CERN under vacuum. 


Plyform is continuing the work on the EM tower trays.


G&A is ready to work on trays.  Sandro hopes by next Tuesday to have one layer of ladders bonded to an MCM.


Sandro asked about the status of the tower assembly fixture.  Ossie is on disability now but is working on the design from home.  Tom will work this issue quickly.  It needs to be shipped to Italy in March.


Sandro said that Pisa cannot spend sidewall money now in Italy.  He suggested in exchange to fabricate the tower-assembly tooling.  Tom said that SSDs could be ordered in 3 or 4 months as a trade.  Sandro said that Italy won't have money for that until July.


G&A is continuing with encapsulation of flight ladders.  They plan to test again after the first 40 ladders are done.  Sandro said that they need inox boxes from G&A for MIPOT to use, but that is delayed.  The week after next Sandro will go to MIPOT.  All parts and materials will be available at MIPOT at the beginning of February.  MIPOT will do 10 ladders first, then review.


Tom talked about the tray production schedule.  He figures that we need 13 working days at Plyform for 2 towers of trays.  He put this plus the vibration test into schedule as 13 days.  Tom will pdf this and send it to Sandro to mark up.  The schedule shows a start in March.  Closeout material is in hand.  More is arriving next week.  For honeycomb Tom is working on a quote from Plascore.  Sandro said that they need to modify the tooling to distinguish between front and back.  We need BJ to put these changes into the closeout drawings.  Sandro said that the assembly tooling is not visible in Cyberdocs.  Tom will fix that. 


The schedule indicates that the tray PRR needs to be held in early March.  Tom would like to go to Italy the week of Feb 4 and spend time at Plyform working on process documentation.  This is too early for Sandro. 


There was a discussion of EM testing.  We plan to vibration test and thermal test the trays to qualification levels.  Robert needs to update Cyberdocs with the latest Bari plan.


Sandro said that the 5th working tray, destined for thermal-vac testing, he will use encapsulated ladders from the flight build (i.e. with the new encapsulation material).


There was a short discussion of the bottom tray. Hytec is proposing to reinforce the closeouts wit M55J fabric on the inside, in order to have enough margin.  We also need some relief in terms of notching at the resonance.  Otherwise the tower will see 45g accelerations according to the model.  Martin will set up a telecon with GSFC to discuss this issue.