Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

January 30, 2002


Action Items:

1.      Tom: tell John how many short vs tall MCMs to make

2.      Erik: plan accelerometer locations and method of verifying minimum spacing between trays.

3.      Sandro: check the Engineering Model schedule with Plyform, etc.

4.      Robert: start getting together electronics hardware for Pisa to operate a mini-MCM.

5.      Tom: inform Sandro of details on what is in the boxes shipped, for the customs declaration.



John reported that he has finished putting the corner radius onto 4 MCMs, which Tom is taking to Teledyne.  Six more are in progress.  He can work at a rate of 6 per day.  He needs from Tom information on how many tall and short ones to make.


Erik said that he is working on a random vibe test plan.  He needs to check on equipment available at Ames if we are going to contemplate using that facility instead of Goodrich.  He needs to talk to Ossie about that.  Erik said that he will plan where to put the accelerometers.  He likes the idea of putting material in to measure the separation distance and will work on details of that.


Erik reported on a problem with making the titanium flexures.  When grinding the thin blade metal gets hot and the wheel tends to grab, pulling the part upward a little.  They are still within tolerance, but there may be too much heating of the metal. One can see some burn marks on the surface.  Erik wants to use EDM instead of grinding.  These parts will be used in the upcoming vibration test.


Steve reported that the thermal cycle testing of trays at Hytec is in progress.  They are presently on the 3rd cycle.


Sandro reported that the closeout dimensions of the Plyform trays are summarized on web for first 4 trays.  They have good squareness, and all are the same shape within 100um.  They are about 80um oversized on average, but the uniformity is better. 


They have machined reference holes for tower assembly tooling into the carbon sidewalls.  They are waiting for mass models.  Sandro needs to know the status of the dummy silicon wafers from SLAC.  He will go to Plyform on Monday to work out details for EM construction and will send schedule information to California next week.  They have decided to use the dam and fill encapsulation. 


Ladder production: G&A will start with mechanical samples of ladders (40).  They are producing tools now.  All EM ladder production is ordered.  Sandro has the assembly procedure nearly prepared and will send to California for review.


Luca suggested visiting UCSC the last week of February to see the new system and take hardware back to Italy.  Robert said that it would be best to give him parts made with new chips, due to arrive at the end of February (actually, they are now ahead of schedule, expected about Feb 14).  Robert will start getting hardware together for them (VME module, mini-MCM, interface card, cables).


Sandro said that he still plans to be at SLAC Feb 12.  There is one more complication: a meeting of the GLAST Italy collaboration around the time of our vibration test.  Lusiella, Sylvia, Francesco from Bari.  He said that it will not be possible to take the trays back to California as excess luggage.  He is concerned about the shipping time, which may force the schedule to slip.  He will define it better by next week.


Sandro said that Tom still needs to send shipment details for customs declaration.