Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

January 30, 2003


Action Items:

1. Tom: check on lead time for the polyfuses

2. Robert: make sure that the GSFC issues and questions on the polyfuses get addressed

3. Robert: send the HV cap procurement spec out for signatures, for it to be released in Cyberdocs

4. Nick: review the ASIC specifications

5. Robert: check with Dave on the status of the flex cable spec

6. Nick: check with Omnetics about the heritage of the nano-connector and what needs to be done for flight approval

7. Tom: send Teledyne adhesives information to Nick

8. Tom: start the procurement process for all SMT parts and the connectors

9. Tom & Robert: talk to Sandro about getting the sidewall prepreg order in place

10. Nick: send to UCSC ESD and clean-room training information

11. Tom: try again to fix the shipping hangup between SLAC and Pisa.


Nick Virmani joined the meeting to discuss procurements of MCM components.  Regarding the polyfuse, the GSFC comments were forwarded to Dave Nelson 10 days ago.  Also included was a fixture design for how to test the parts without soldering.  Tom will check on lead time for these devices and will start procurement process.  Hartmut has email from Raechem about what testing they are willing to do.  Robert will see that the GSFC comments and questions get addressed.  Tom will be the point of contact for Nick on the polyfuse procurement.


HV capacitors: Robert will send out the specification for signatures.  Dave Nelson has the quotation.


Nick will review the ASIC procurement specifications sent by Robert.  He has already forwarded radiation test specs to Goddard for their comments.


Robert will check whether Dave has finished reviewing the flex-cable spec.  It was agreed that we will order a preflight prototype to this spec, but the short cables for the mini-tower electronics tests will be procured in Santa Clara, due to time constraints.  Nick said that he will arrange for GSFC representatives to visit Parlex prior to CDR.  He recommended that we do some testing of existing Parlex flex cables pre-CDR.


Connectors: Omnetics in general is acceptable to GSFC.  However, this particular part has never been qualified.  Have the parts been used anywhere else?  Nick will look into this asap.  Tom suggested checking whether the pin and socket have been used in other connectors in earlier flights, and Nick agreed that this is what he will look into.


Nick said that other SMT parts are approved, but he needs information on the vendors that we will use.  He said also that we need to specify testing on the PO.  Nick will send to Tom and Robert the specs today for these standard parts.


Tom will send email to Nick about the adhesives and glop top that Teledyne is using for the MCM.  He said that they are already on the Goddard list, so Nick was sure that they should not be a problem.  Tom is pushing Jeff Tice to get them signed off.  Nick says we can go ahead and procure them in any case


Aluminum cores: due to limitations at Plascore, the core thickness tolerance is now 0.002 inches.  To accommodate this, we will decrease the thickness specifications by 0.001 inches.  Tom said that this is okay with Sandro.


Erik reported that Hytec is updating the model, including features discussed earlier this week during their visit to SLAC.  There are some additional modifications to the M55 reinforcement of the bottom-tray closeout frame.  They are also playing with corner flexure design to resolve stress concentration issues. 


Tom said that he got a quote from COI to buy two towers of panels now and the rest later.  This costs about $20k more that way than ordering the entire EM plus flight lot at once.  ($190k vs $170k)  The cost will be about $27k for this initial order of enough for two towers.  Tom said that COI buys raw fibers and is a certified prepreg manufacturer.  They would be willing to deliver the initial order of prepreg for use while storing the rest for the later towers until needed.  It was emphasized that Italy needs to get an order in immediately in order to have coupons for testing and to have the pieces needed for the EM tower.


Erik said that he will send e-drawings of the static test fixtures to Tom and Robert.


Robert said that BJ and Dave need to update the MCM PWB drawings for the flight build, so that they can be sent to Teledyne for review.


Robert reported that UCSC is working on finishing up the EM MCMs.  The last 4 are being tested and reworded at UCSC instead of Teledyne.  When they are 100% working they will be sent back to Teledyne (soon) for encapsulation.  One of them needs to go to Italy.  UCSC is also redoing all of the wafer-testing probe cards and upgrading the clean room and probe station.  Nick will send information on ESD and clean-room training for UCSC use.


Tom is checking into why the shipping from SLAC to Italy still isn't working.  The MCMs and the Nusil still haven't arrived there.