Minutes of Meeting 1/6/04 at SLAC



David Rich                          Rhonda Santiago                Darren Marsh

Ron Antrim                         Brian Caplen

Robert Johnson                  Jerry Clinton


SOW version 12/19 Changes agreed upon


2.1             Only need these drawings listed:  00898, 0899 & 1971 and 7108742

Robert will leave in the docs and only put “Ref Only” by the drawings not listed above.

The puchase order PO will list the  Revision level of the critical documents, and this will be input into Teledyne Program Authorization PA in order for it to be printed on our shipper. The PO Rev is thus tied to above document Revisions.


3                 Most of the environmental notes

Were put in at TET’s request, and are reference only.




4.2             Who is the contact at their end, Dave Rich?

Yes, for technical

Ron Antrim for price and delivery issues.

Ron Antrim clarified that the technical details should be agreed upon by the technical people. After that the SOW should be Revised to Rev 9 and sent to Ron for incorporation into a PO change notice.


Invoices should be sent to Ron directly and he will forward them to Accounts Payable.

No invoices have been to Ron yet.

Action: Rhonda needs to check with Teledyne Accounts Receivable to determine what has been invoiced and paid.


4.4          Last line “info only” about them forwarding copies

               Last paragraph Buyer performed inspection is just info as written.

Leave as is


4.7.1         ISO Class 14464?

Delete above since the sentence has “or”


4.7.4         Make sure they realize that our travelers are electronic.

Changed wording to remove “spaces for” change “recording” to “recorded”.


4.8.2         1 working day

changed to 1 working day


4.9             They will have unescorted access

ASIC’s or IC’s: will be consistent with one or the other word. failure rate needs better explanation

8 total channels are allowed to be electrically non-functional,

during Production, if 3 parts in a week have > 8 channels failing for the same parameter or type of failure, the customer will be notified to determine if production should be placed on hold.

Note: 1500 channels exist per board.


4.10          Source Inspection at 4 steps (see 5.2.3)

Is MIP 4 the same as 4.10? Yes

Delete this section



5.2.1         Class 2 & 3 changes

Action:Rhonda to Provide Dave with our definition for Major, Minor and Editorial changes so that he can review with Jerry Clinton.



Buyer may inspect at any step, how will TMT know when to hold parts and present to resident source inspector (SI)?,


Second para. Interpreted to be “oversight only”


Only Mandatory Inspection Points (MIPs) must be presented to SI

MIP’s will need to be added to flows.

ROM cost for having a Resident Source Inspector at Teledyne for 8 months $ 87,500.

Final Test suggestion:  use the same person for visual inspection and elect testing. Darren said it is a good possibility. He is going to start interviewing for this person.

Reword MIPs as follows:

1.      Post Pitch Adaptor Installation Visual Inspection.

2.      Pre-encapsulation Elect Test Results Review and 100% Visual Inspection

3.      Post-Conformal Coating Visual Inspection=Final Inspection

4.      End-Item Data Package Review

Only MIPs require sign off. Other spot checks will be reported by SI to Darren.


5.2.6         ESD to MIL-STD-1686?

Tracey’s report says that our document is equivalent.


5.3             EIDP End Item Data Package per “shipment group”

Why need copy attached of electrical data, when they have electronic version?


NASA needs the paper, per Darren.

PO to list SOW and rev level plus itemize the four LAT documents and their revisions.

Action: Rhonda to update PA to print out on shipper the Customer PO Revision


TET to provide all the paper the same as in the packages that have been shipped so far.





Darren comment- TET Do not accept any drawings from SLAC unless they come from Ron Antrim (buyer/contracts)


When can we install a SI at TET? SLAC will have someone ready Jan 21st.

Cost for Pre Production resident will be $750 per day


Capacity 25 per week meets SLAC needs of 100 per month.


Resident Inspector will cost $86k + rent for 10x10 office @185/month for 8 months=$1480  = $87480


Revision to Flow documents  to add MIPs $5k


Italians are SLAC’s “Collaborator”








1 flex attach 3rd fixture

How was this bought  before? PO on 5461 Line 15



1 holding fixture for cleaning process in basket


wire bond protection  -modify current fixtures 13 qty on hand

Action: Elvia fixture/carrier qtys needed for Production?

Assume cycle time 2-3weeks.


Overall length meets drawing, but how to prove it?

Conformal Coating thickness per SOW para IPC A 610. Conformal Coating thickness 5mils max cannot be guaranteed.




no go for

PCB length                    Action: SLAC TO PROVIDE

encapsulation keep away area       Action: SLAC TO PROVIDE


Exceptions to PO               by Steve Campion                Action: Rhonda to summarize and send to Ron. Suggested wording for Time is of the Essence Clause. Schedule… or “mutual acceptance”


Proposed schedule for Production was agreed to be 25 per week but this does not have to be explicitly stated in the PO. Suggested wording, “August 31, 2004 is the expected completion of the order”.


Out of Scope Items      Action: Rhonda to propose adding a line item titled, Additional Tooling, that will encompass all out of scope items and labor charges.

Rework costs:               Action: Elvia to estimate die rework costs in order to invoice SLAC when customer furnished die are the likely cause for rework.


Update Elect Test Procedure to include MIPs 2 and 3. Action: Roger SLAC


Dave and Darren flexible schedule for new QA candidate.

Train elect tester to do insp or vice versa.


Material Issues:

Epoxy supplier still needs to be selected and qualified. The new material has to be tested on line.

Action: Brian


Version 7 of the GTRC chip is expected on dock at SLAC January 31. We hope to use this die on the final pre production run on the tall boards.


Connectors Omnetics will be supplying connectors that hopefully will remain intact when attached to the boards.


PRR end of January is the plan.


Rhonda to provide Dave Rich with the procedure used for Material Handling.