Minute of the Tracker Meeting

January 8, 2004


Following the Agenda:


      - date for completion of Plyform coupon tests

Expect to get a date by 9 Jan


      - plan/date for resolution of action items for mid tray production

Will discuss next week


-        Jim Martin: status of Tracker/Grid interface design

See minutes of the Tuesday meeting already sent out.  A full set of drawings for the concept agreed on at the meeting is due by COB Tuesday.  Martin has sent an email (posted on the Tracker web page http://www-glast.slac.stanford.edu/Tracker-Hardware/ART/vibe/vibe.html) proposing a scheme for shimming the interface, necessary because of limitations in accuracy that can be achieved in the Grid cutout.  Roughly speaking, they will dimension Grid cutout 0+ and the bottom tray 0-, then shim to make up the difference.

Discussed concepts for machining flexures: Tom said that the drill tool is at SLAC.  Only the 4 corners need to be drilled after tray assembly.  Side flexures will be manufactured with cones already drilled. 

Discussed design forwarded by Sandro

ACTION:  Borden (and BJ and Reggie) will put together some sketches on how the tooling is supposed to work by ____? and then discuss them with Sandro.

ACTION:  Sandro et al will prepare more complete drawings of their concept; we'll meet with Nordby, Bloom, Ku other experts to make an initial review of this design concept at 8 am PST June 9


-        Tom Venator: proposal for completion of environmental testing of the EM

The suggestion is to complete the T/V test first and then finish the vibration test.  Perhaps the bottom trays can be swapped before the T/V test, giving a lot of time to rework the tray for the vibe test.  The vibe test might be dropped altogether if demanded the flight build schedule.

INFN:  removed the EM sidewalls 1 by 1 and inspected.  No damage found on sidewalls and bottom tray so far, although holes in the thermal straps may have been abraded, since a sliver of copper was found after the vibe test.  They repeated the ESPI test, which gives an f0 of 130 Hz in both directions.

- The primary difficulty in running the vibe test after T-V is that the cables likely to be damaged (stripped threads in connector attachment).  Robert said that the cables are not important for the vibration anyway, since they do not represent the flight design.

- It will probably be at least mid-February before the T-V could be carried out

INFN:  still want to discuss their December design concept for the Tracker-Grid interface as an alternative

ACTION:  Jack/Nanda/Sandro/Nicola to revisit the T-V schedule, starting with discussions with Alenia


-        Goals and preparations for next week's meeting

Begin with overview presentations.  Then proceed to a working meeting, which needs to focus on management issues.

INFN:  Industrial partners will attend, as well as representatives from each INFN institute involved with hardware fabrication and test

ACTION:  JFM to send a list of U.S. attendees to Ronaldo


-        Status of bias circuits, MCMs

Bias circuits: 39 were shipped to Pisa.

ACTION:  Jeff Tice will send the pro-forma invoice to Sandro

MCMs: the first 4 received were thermal cycled and burned in over the holidays.  Presently 10 more have been thermal cycled and are now in burn-in.  They should be ready to send to INFN by approx 16 January