Minutes of the January 9 Tracker Engineering Meeting


Attendees:  Brez, Menon, Fransen, Borden, Johnson, Nordby, Venator, Rich, Martin, Gawehn, Bloom


INFN (Sandro) sent more complete drawings to describe an alternate approach for this Interface and an alignment tool.  He and Nanda also reviewed concerns at INFN about how to locate the towers accurately enough as they are integrated, and offered some concepts for integration of the towers.


I&T (Elliott), as well as Mechanical Integration (Martin N.), believe that there are major risks from any approach that involves gluing inserts into the Grid.  The primary concerns stem from the difficulty of removing epoxy from any hole in the Grid without damaging the Grid, and to the difficulty of controlling contamination during such a process.


Between now and the next Interface design meeting (14 Jan, 8 am PST), Martin Nordby and others will review how the concepts and concerns discussed today should affect the "dual cone" Interface Design.  Robert Johnson and Dave Rich will meet with INFN next week to go over both design approaches and the location concerns face-to-face.