Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

July 25, 2003



Hytec completed tension in Z and push/pull in y on the static test of bottom tray SN#2.  They are now setting up now for 45 degrees.  (See the page http://www-glast.slac.stanford.edu/Tracker-Hardware/Presentations/lat_tracker_presentations.html on the last row for a link to the Hytec results from these tests.)


SLAC received a quote from COI this morning.  The estimate 6 weeks from receipt of order to complete new sidewalls, including material procurement, prepreg, panel layup, machining, coupon testing, and final report.


We discussed a possible need to add two extra layers 0 degrees in the middle of the K13D layup to get the walls up to the desired 1.5mm thickness.  It was stressed that we should not do any fabrication work on new sidewalls until the drawings are through the release cycle.


Pisa reported that the 5th tray has MCM’s glued and wire bonded.  There was a problem with a missing bias connection on one of the MCMs.  Robert will look into putting redundant wire bonds in for that connection.


The power supply problems were overcome by loading a DC/DC converter with 50 ohms.  This should work with 1 tray, for now.


Ladder production status:

G&A new production (contract for 1500): 100 tested; 150 ready to test at end of month; closed for August.

INFN can test at the rate of 15 per day, but only when G&A is open.

Prior production was about 250 flight ladders at G&A and 100 at MIPOT; all tested.

Darren said that he needs reports on failed ladders; Pisa will put this on their web site.


Ronaldo reported that panel production will start in September.