Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

June 17, 2004


Top and Bottom Tray Panel Fabrication:

-        Top/Bottom-Tray procedure documents

o       Riccardo is still working it and will go over it with Martin tomorrow.

-        EM bottom tray manufacture, CMM, and static test results

o       No anomalies.INFN will send CMM measurement summaries to SLAC tomorrow.

-        Status/schedule for manufacture of the Tower A bottom and top trays

o       Start next week the flight bottom/top tray assembly.

o       Closeout machining is not started yet for the top tray.They expect to start Tuesday, and we can expect 1 week after that to have an assembled bare top tray.

-        INFN needs the new static test fixture for the Tower A static test by 28 June.Arthur wants to be there for the test and can hand carry stuff.The second fixture, with surface coating, should be ready (the one in Pisa rusts) and will be shipped asap.As for interface hardware, it will not be possible to have the flight order in Italy by that date, so EM studs and cones will have to be used for the test.

Mid Tray Panel Fabrication:

††††† - Need 11 standard mid-trays -

†† †††††††† 3 are in Rome for bakeout

†† †††††††† 4 are ready to be shipped to Rome from Plyform

†† †††††††† 2 are in paint (last step at Plyform)

†† †††††††† 2 are in ESPI testing in Pisa and still need to go back to Plyform for Kapton and tungsten.

- Need 4 heavy mid-trays

†† †††††††† 2 are in paint

†† †††††††† 2 are in fab (final trim)

- Need 2 light mid-trays

†† †††††††† 2 are in ESPI testing in Pisa

-        56 bias circuits will ship from SLAC to Pisa today; 125 are in Italy

EM Vibration Test:

-        Status of test preparations and hardware

o       Tower assembly is complete and ready for the vibe fixture; the procedure was redlined

o       Plan to mount the vibe fixture tomorrow and pack up for Alenia in the evening

-        Fastener issues

o       INFN is cutting M4 screws to 7mm as needed

o       Installation torque was increased up to 45 inch-lbs

o       Paul suggested that we overtorque to seat cones and then back off, so Arthur will consider this

o       Arthur reported that they will probably have to use 3M2216 epoxy to lock nuts in the vibe test, as the nylock isnít working so far on the nut end of the stud.He has tested this but will re-evaluate the need based on the studs that Martin is bringing.

-        TRR schedule

o       8:00 Monday; Dave will set up a number

o       Paul will email a suggestion to modify the procedure to run two low level tests back to back before starting the random vibe test

Tray Assembly at G&A:

-        G&A tooling status & schedule for starting/finishing tray assembly

o       Sandro talked to G&A yesterday, and they are making good progress

-        Assembly drawings

o       The standard mid tray drawing is out as a check prints, so comments need to go to Martin

-        Procedure document

o       Sandro has the info on tooling drawing numbers and will send it to Robert

-        MCM rework plan

o       An RFQ and SOW will be sent tomorrow to Teledyne and a Bay-Area company

o       Resistors are supposed to arrive Monday.

o       The drawings have been updated and will go out for release today.

Stacked Tray Testing

-        6 C0 cables arrived at SLAC today and will be tested before shipping to Pisa

Sidewall Fabrication:

-        Specification document

o       Riccardo will review it with Martin tomorrow

-        Aluminum foil: Sandro is picking up the aluminum at CERN today

-        Ti washers

o       Both sizes are present in Pisa

o       There remains a need to check the 100 degree included angle; Jeff will send an email to INFN on this.

-        Schedule for starting/finishing Tower A sidewall manufacture

o       Material testing is in progress

o       Sidewalls are to be in Pisa July 14; coupon testing is the most time consuming activity

Tower Assembly:

-        Procedure document

o       A draft should be ready for review by the end of next week

-        Assembly drawings

o       These are in work at SLAC

-        Fasteners status

o       M2.5 120 degree screws were shipped to Pisa; 13,000 parts

o       Jeff is procuring some M2.5 screws with 100 degree heads (needed between sidewalls and the bottom tray).The previous stock, as used in the EM, got lost in MRB land.

o       We need some new M4 screws because 4 per tower need to be 6mm length.Jeff said that the lead time is too long for Tower A, so existing screws will have to be shortened.Nanda will check if INFN can do it in Italy.

-        I/F hardware status

o       SLAC is requesting the 1st flight units (18) by June 30; he will get a reply from AMT today.

o       After that date they still have to be coated, have nylocks installed, and ship to Italy.

o       Enough are in the purchase request to have 2 sets per tower plus spares (this is contrary to what was reported in the meeting)

-        Vibe fixture and cable plate and square nuts

o       The second fixture is completing today at the SLAC shop.It will be used in alignment training and then to to Pisa July 1

o       Dave will check on Humbolt progress on the flight order.We will have to use the SLAC versions for Tower A if one is not ready from Humbolt.The SLAC versions have the tower mounting holes out of tolerance in position by up to about 50 microns.That should not cause any problem, though, as it is well within range of the cones.

o       We didnít get a status on the cable plate, but it clearly is needed at about the same time for Tower A.

-        Top corner pieces (for cables and retroreflectors)

o       Drawings are still in work

o       These need to go on the tower before the vibe test, so machining them will be critical soon.

††††† - Flex-circuit cables

-        I/F installation tools

o       Peter will start testing functionality of the tools next week.

ß        Template for flexures, template for mounting cones together, dithering tool, extraction tool, spanner wrench

ß        Arthur said that we need to make more extraction tools (1/4 inch), as they break easily


-        INFN recommends doing the T/V test first, starting July 19, as it will be easier to manage the vibration test into August. July 29 and July 30 the last days for McCarthy and Goodman, so this plan works best for them, too.

-        It is critical to have the inner tower shipping container and the lifting fixture in time for Tower-A transportation from Pisa to Alenia!