Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

June 26, 2002



            1. Updates on EM tooling, drawings, and fab progress

            2. Flexure-interface modifications: discuss options (see attached draft)

            3. Schedule for bottom-tray redesign

            4. A.O.B.


Luisella reported that 3 EM tray panels have been assembled by Plyform: one heavy and two standard.  Sandro is at Plyform today doing dimensional tests on them.  They will get a shake test tomorrow at Centro Technica, with a sine sweep followed by acceptance level random vibration (with converter foils taped on).  Ricardo is still working on selecting a non-destructive testing method.  They plan to make a bad tray to test these methods.  They hope to have new method by end of July.  Erik suggested checking by coin tap before and after the vibration.  He believes that a coin tap can be much more effective than the vibration at finding manufacturing flaws in the facesheet bonding.  Luisella mentioned that the existing vibration fixture requires 30 minutes just to mount a tray.  They are working on a new vibration fixture that can be mounted more rapidly.


The tray and insert tools seem to be working okay.  Luisella sent the tungsten assembly tool drawing to the machine shop yesterday.  They need 10 days to machine it.  She is now working on drawings of the Kapton assembly tool.  She will send the tungsten assembly tool drawings to BJ today to make into official LAT drawings. 


Closeout pieces were coated with thin resin using a sponge after bonding inserts.  Ricardo made some measurements of the effect on tray dimensions. 


BJ said that he sent to a machine shop for quotation the tooling drawings for bottom trays with a 5mm increase.  He now needs a separate tool for top and bottom.  The shop estimates 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.


Erik said that his analyst returns to work next Wednesday.  They will then work on calculating and documenting loads in the existing design.  They will then incorporate modifications and evaluate them.


There was some discussion of the two concepts for reinforcing the corner.  Erik advocates a clevis that wraps around the bottom of the tray and is bonded (no fasteners). The bracket for holding the flexure blade should be integrated into the clevis.  The idea is to avoid stress concentration in the carbon-carbon around the fasteners.