Tracker Meeting Notes from June 3, 2003


Present: Robert, Tom, Sandro


Closeouts should be in Pisa tomorrow.They will then do a fit check with the insert tool.Tom says that the holes for the 4mm inserts will have to be drilled, as COI made them the same as the ones for the 2.5mm inserts.Also, they will do a fit check with the tray assembly tooling.Plyform needs 1 day to prepare tools with the release agent and then they can start making closeouts.The cores are prepared with grounding tubes.Sandro will schedule for next week to make the sandwiches.


Sandro said that they are running out of conductive Nusil glue.He did just receive the CV-2502, but he needs the CV-1142 nonconductive and CV-1142-conductive and the CV15-2500 urgently.Donít send it DHL.Use cargo-no-courier, because with DHL is sits in customs for a week.


G&A has been successful in putting a sealing line under ladders to block the encapsulation.The first tray equipped with ladders was tested in a vacuum chamber for 3 days with no problems.


Sandro needs to decide where to drill the flexures. Tom will grind some pins with a close fit to hold the flexures in place for drilling.The they can be removed to put ladders and MCM on.Then reinstall with regular pins and bond in the midspan flexures, using the same alignment tool.G&A would be the best location for this work, since the tool is needed both before and after the ladder/MCM installation.Gauge plate bolts into the alignment/drill-fixture tool for transportation and to verify squareness.Tom plans to hand carry the tool to Italy.


Sandro will know a schedule for the bottom tray assembly in a day or two.We need to meet June 17 date for tray assembly.Robert emphasized that NASA is regularly demanding explanations for EM schedule slippage.


Sidewalls: the prepreg is still in customs and the Plyform responsible is on vacation this week.There was a discussion about how to ship the flight prepreg to Plyform, get the finished panels out of Italy and back in afterwards, and so forth.A mention was made of possibly making use of CERN.


Plyform is finalizing tooling for flight panel production.Plyform needs a schedule of the CC shipment to subcontract machining.


Tom will make a list of what closeouts should me machined from which CC bars.