Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

June 5, 2003


Action Items:

  1. Sandro: send G&A schedule and status to Robert & Tom
  2. Jeff: get us some flight tantalum capacitors no later than August 1.
  3. Erik: push on those corner brackets & make sure they get inspected
  4. Tom: get the slip-fit pins and installation tool designed/made
  5. BJ: get the new vibration fixture machined
  6. Sandro: check Plyform’s schedule for getting the sidewalls done and send to Robert & Tom
  7. Tom: decide on a vendor and plan for getting thermal conductivity tests done on the K13D coupons
  8. Tom: check whether the existing YS90 panels would be big enough for the new EM design
  9. Erik: call Toan to understand how they tested the M4 inserts in the closeouts


The vibration test should take place July 21 to 25.  Alenia is probably closed after that, through August.  Centrotecnica will be closed August 11-15, but it would be greatly preferable to do the test at Alenia.  Furthermore, NASA is applying a lot of pressure not to slip this EM vibration schedule any further, so we need to try to hold to this date.  The thermal-vacuum test will have to slip to September, but we should at least test the single tray before August.


Sandro will go Monday to G&A to discuss schedule details with them and will send the results to Robert and Tom.


Jeff and Tom Perry  are looking for an alternative to the tantalum capacitor parts to get a better lead time.  Tom still pursuing the JPL connection.


The flexure drill fixture is due June 18, and then Tom will carry it to Italy.


After some discussion it seemed feasible to complete the static test before the July 4 holiday, so we plan to do that.


Erik has a call in to the shop for the corner bracket status.  Sandro requests that the corner brackets be tested before delivery.  Erik says that they should come with inspection reports.


Tom plans on having a set of slip-fit pins for first assembly of the flexures onto the bottom tray.  He is also working on a tool to install the final press-fit pins.  Tom will carry them to Italy.


Sandro reported that the bottom-tray assembly tools will be ready Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday the will make the sandwiches.  Monday inserts will be installed on the first bottom tray.  We can plan on mounting corner brackets on June 17.  June 18/19 is the forecast for completion of the trays.  The drill fixture will be available on June 23.


Sandro reported that the other trays are in Rome for vacuum cleaning.  Monday they will be sent to G&A for ladder mounting.  That procedure is ready to go. 


Sandro said that they will try to do everything on the bottom tray before the static test, including wire bonding and encapsulation. 


Tom and BJ reported that the requisition is in the system for the vibration fixture.  BJ will go ahead with the order.  2-3 week delivery is expected.


Sandro will check tomorrow whether Plyform can start making sidewalls next week.   Tom will look into how to get thermal conductivity test done.  Hytec has a vendor that could be used.


Tom will look at whether the existing YS90 panels are large enough for the EM.


M55J numbers from COI looked good, on the higher side.  Erik wants to know exactly how they did the M4 test.  He will call Toan.


Bari reported that they are working on test plans and procedures and on separating procedures from plans.  They are in contact with Alenia to understand their configurations.


BJ said that he can get 3mm screws in 14mm length.  Erik said that sounds good.