Here are today's meeting minutes:


ACTION #1-  Jeff Tice to send the Face sheet prepreg invoice and proforma data to Sandro.  If we prepare the invoice and prepreg proforma as was done with the sidewall prepreg material, INFN and Plyform would have no problems with Customs or taxes.


ACTION #2-  Jeff Tice to provide status of Carbon-Carbon material order and delivery schedule.


ACTION #3-  Steve Lundgren to purchase and supply to INFN three (3) additional cables that are used to download data from the Tower Environmental Measurement systems.





INFN NCR #192-  Reviewed and accepted repair.  Approved tray to progress.


INFN reported that Tower 1 Vibe successfully completed.  Post-Vibe CPT in process.

The T/V chamber door is scheduled to close tomorrow.  Pump down will proceed over the weekend (I think that's right) and Thermal cycling will start Monday morning.


Peter A. is scheduled to arrive in Pisa on Friday at 12:15 p.m. 

INFN will meet Peter at the airport, pick up the Flex Cables and bring them to INFN. 

Peter A. will hand carry back to SLAC the C3-08 Flex Cable (with damaged connector pin).  This Flex Cable will then be shipped back to Parlex for connector replacement.

Peter will also bring back an environmental recorder (used during shipment of Towers).  This environmental recorder is to be returned to the supplier for repair.


Emilio sent comments regarding Tower 1 alignment (ref. e-mail sent 3/3/05 @ 4:08 am).  Arthur needs to set-up a brief meeting with Dave, Martin, and Robert Ruland to review his comments.  We will call Emilio to discuss any issues.


EMI taping-

Notified INFN that rollers to perforate the EMI tape have been sent.  Please confirm receipt when received.

Team agreed that SLAC (Steve Lundgren) will perform EMI taping on Tower 1 and Tower 2.  Not sufficient schedule time for INFN to perform EMI taping on Tower 2.

Plan is for INFN (Riccardo) to perform first article EMI taping at INFN on Tower 3.  Dave Rich offered Steve Lundgren to assist Riccardo on INFN first article.  This is recommended to ensure that lessons learned and workmanship issues are addressed to prevent any recurrence.  We will watch the Tower 3 EMI taping schedule.  Perhaps Steve could hand carry the Tower 4 MCMs to Italy and assist on Tower 3 EMI taping.  We will evaluate schedule and discuss with Tracker management.


Informed Luca that Tower B EIDP does not have mate/demate data or perhaps the link is broken.  Requested that he investigate and also verify Tower 1 data/link.


Advised INFN that two more Tower shipping containers have been sent to Pisa.  These are for use on Tower 3 and Tower 4.  Please advise when they are received at INFN.


SLAC reported that the Face sheet prepreg material is on schedule for a direct shipment on 3/8 to Plyform.  Jeff Tice sent an e-mail and Sandro confirmed that the shipping address was correct.   Jeff will coordinate proforma and copy Sandro.


SLAC reported that Tower A and Tower B are scheduled to be installed in the grid starting (approx.) on 3/16.


Sandro reported that he is working with Alenia to work around a schedule issue that happens around Easter.  He is proposing that Tower 2 and Tower 3 (paired) will be the first combined Thermal Vacuum test.  He said that Tower 2 and Tower 3 would ship to Alenia on 4/15.  Subsequent Tower pairs (Towers 4 & 5, Towers 6 & 7, etc) would follow with the test scheme.  Sandro will work-up a proposed detail schedule and forward to Tracker management for review.


Sandro reported that seven Tower 3 MCMs were rejected at G&A.  Four were successfully repaired.  Three were not possible to repair.  That means that we have ZERO spare MCMs.




D.W. Rich




From:                     Robert P. Johnson []

Sent:                     Wednesday, March 02, 2005 11:18 PM

To:                         Robert P. Johnson; Scholz, Arthur; 'Francesco Bellardi'; Drell, Persis S.; 'Aldo Troianiello'; Amnuaypayoat, Peter; Nordby, Martin E.; 'Mirco Bagni'; 'Ben Rodini'; 'Thomas J Venator'; Goodman, Jack; 'Riccardo Rando'; 'Riccardo Bagagli'; 'Peter Michelson'; Tice, Jeff; 'Massimo Fiorucci'; 'Massimiliano Razzano'; 'Marcus Ziegler'; 'Francesco Giordano'; 'Piergiorgio Fusco'; 'Silvia Rainó'; 'William Atwood'; 'Sonia Allegretti'; Borden, Thomas; 'Ronaldo Bellazzini'; Millican, Ossie; 'Mutsumi Sugizaki'; 'Luca Latronico'; 'Luca Baldini'; 'Hartmut Sadrozinski'; 'Guido Barbiellini'; 'Gloria Spandre'; Godfrey, Gary L.; 'Erik Swensen'; Nelson, David J.; 'Andrea Moggi'; 'Andrea Catinaccio'; 'Alfredo Placci'; 'Alessandro Brez'; 'Nicola Mazziotta'; 'Nick Virmani'; 'Pasquale Lubrano'; 'Claudia Cecchi'; Marsh, Darren S.; 'Roger Williams'; 'Nanda Menon'; Rich, David; 'Emilio Rapposelli'; 'Andrea Tenze'; Nguyen, Albert; 'Giovanni Foglia'; 'Nicola saggini'; 'Paul Baird'; Tajima, Hiroyasu; Himel, Thomas M.; Lundgren, Steven; Rhoads, Clark; Rodriguez, Esther; Steve Ritz; Kahn, Steven M.; Young, Charles C.; Monica Pepe;

Subject:                 GLAST Tracker Technical Meeting

When:                    Thursday, March 03, 2005 8:15 AM-9:45 AM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana.

Where:                  Building 234 (trailer) at SLAC


Call: 510-665-5437

Meeting ID: 6660

Mtg Name: SiliconTracker



   - MRB on INFN NCR #192; top tray closeout scratch and repair

   - A.O.B.



I will be traveling to Teledyne to test the new PA bonding fixture.  Dave Rich will handle this meeting.  RJ