Minutes of the Tracker Technical Meeting

March 20, 2002


Erik reported that the second batch of the Alcomp closeout material order should be already shipped back to Alcomp for reimpregnation.  They should ship this Friday to SLAC.


The first batch shipped from SLAC to GMSI yesterday.  Drawings are ready but need an okay from Italy and final sign-off. 


Hytec started working on the data analysis of the vibration test.  All data were received from Ames in text and Matlab format.  Erik is working on it now, and Franz will work on it next week.


Ossie talked to GMSI about putting more holes in trays and sidewalls to refurbish the prototype tower.  Ossie will get cost estimates for this activity.


BJ has corrected the details on the closeout drawings that Luisella found.  He needs one more round of communication with her.  He needs clarification of the G6 callout. 


Sandro reported that they worked on a definition of the change of slope of IV curves and are updating the wafer inspection document.  There was some discussion of the wafers with broken corners.  In both case the defect was evident when extracting from the envelope.  They will plan in the future to do a simple visual inspection with a magnifying lens just before putting the wafer onto the chuck of the probe station.


Sandro reported that CMS will share one of their clean rooms with GLAST, so we will have two probe stations working in parallel at Pisa.  He is going to G&A tomorrow to define details of the flight ladder production.  GMSI is in production of mechanical ladders for the engineering model.  He has started to write the detailed procedures document, and at GMSI he will get some drawings tomorrow for inclusion.  They still need to develop the electrical tests for ladders.  A first draft of the procedures document should be available next week.


Tom said that he needs the bottom tray and interface back at SLAC for modifications for the tower test.  Hytec, on the other hand, wants the bottom tray without payload for interface testing.  SLAC will ship it to them.  Sandro also wants the Plyform trays back for thermal testing and needs to book the time at Terni.  Tom estimated early May for the next test at Ames.  Tom will work on a better definition of the schedule.