System Alignment Plan

Meeting 3-26-04



            Robert Ruland

            Martin Nordby

            Mike Menning

            David Rich


Alignment Outline

1.     Define tower coordinate system

2.     Measure Sidewalls to verify sidewall envelope

3.     Measure Flexure I/F

4.     Alignment Data reductin and analysis

5.     Install & adjust conics, record cone position (clocking) knowledge.

6.     Install grid simulator at three locations

7.     Install 9 eccentric dual cones & record clocking knowledge

8.     Measure & record grid simulator attitude

9.     Invert Tower

10.  Install top hat

11.  Pre-environment alignment baseline

a.      Measure tower coordinate systems

b.     Measure grid simulator tooling holes

c.      Measure Top Hat

d.     Remeasure sidewalls

12.  Perform vibe test

13.  Conduct post environmental alignment verification (repeast 11.)

14.  ship tower from Pisa to SLAC

15.  Repeat alignment verification


Next meeting Tuesday 9-11


Critical issues

            Tower coordinate system definition

            Grid coordinate system definition

            Concept- Top Hat Alignment Fixture.  Evaluate impact to top tray design


Robert not available

            April 11-27

            May 19-29


Planning trip to Pisa

            May 3-7?


Alignment Plan  draft next week (internal)

Distribute to I&T and INFN following week