Minutes of the Tracker Meeting

March 27, 2002


Action Items:

  1. Sandro et al: release the closeout and facesheet drawings (done).
  2. Sandro: check whether Italy plans to pay for the tungsten.
  3. Tom: send out the PO for the flight closeout material.
  4. Tom: get the cores shipped to Italy.
  5. BJ: start drawing the top/bottom tray assembly tooling
  6. Tom: order more connectors
  7. Tom: ship the converter material to Pisa



The closeout and facesheet drawings are completed.  Sandro will send an email to release the drawings.


We discussed funding of the converter foils for the flight build.  The SLAC part of the budget does not have funds for this tungsten, and Sandro does not know if it is included in the Italian part of the budget (it is not obvious whether this is considered part of the mechanical structure---there seems to be a hole in our planning here).  Sandro said that there is no good source in Europe for the thin foils with uniform thickness.  The only European solution for thick foils is to glue together two 0.3mm foils, which gives about 17% radiation length.  Tom said that the U.S. vendors need 10 to 12 weeks lead time.  Italy has no money until July, but July or August would still work in the schedule.


The prices for the thin tungsten in the U.S. is $24.41 (about $85,000 for 18 towers).  The thick double-disk-ground foil is $67 (about $77,000 for 18 towers).


Tom is working on the PO for the flight closeout carbon-carbon material.  This will go out this week or next.


Engineering model status:

Dummy ladders: G&A is ready with materials and tools for assembly.

SSD testing: 1000 detectors done so far (much more than needed for the EM).  They will deliver wafers to G&A at the end of April.  Bari and Rome-II are making labview programs to do the ladder testing at G&A.  The probe station is installed there.


Closeout material.  ½ of the second lot was okay and should have shipped out Monday.  The second half needs one more cycle and is expected April 10.


Inserts: ½ will be delivered April 10.  Sandro plans to check them and then continue with the rest of the order.


Closeout machinining: GMSI has the material and will receive the drawings today.  Tom talked to them about the schedule.  Peter at GMSI will try to get two machines going, one for each type.


Insert bonding tool: Sandro said that they will finish the drawings this week.


Face sheets: Plyform is waiting for cores before laminating the face sheets.


Cores: Tom needs to ship the honeycomb to Pisa ASAP.


Tray panel assembly tool: it will be delivered and CMM’ed next week in Pisa.

SLAC will start on the top/bottom tray assembly tooling drawing this week.  They need the latest drawings from Italy.


MCM handling fixture:  this is in fabrication, with the  1st article due in early April.  Tom will check on it.


Dummy MCMs at Teledyne.  Tooling is finished for bonding right-angle-interconnects.  Due to an error in plating, there will be no wire bonds to the MCM board but only to the fanout.


Connectors: Tom will order some more from Kristek


Sidewall fasteners: Ossie is looking for blanks for number 3 screws with the correct head.  He would then would send them to another company to get 2.5mm threads cut.


Tom will ship to Pisa more thin converter material for the EM.  He will send the thick stuff in a separate shipment, as it still needs EDM.